Pool Renovation Planning

Pool Renovation Planning

Most inground pools need to be renovated every 20 years.

A pool renovation can give life and style to an otherwise dull backyard.

All it takes is a plan. Get started planning for a spring pool remodel.

Pool Renovation Prep List

  1. Create A Budget

The amount of money you have available will determine what you can do. This amount will pay for new plaster and tile, as well as a new vinyl liner. It also includes a brand new pool deck.

The cost of adding new features to your pool, such as changing its shape or natural stone decking, can really skyrocket.

Although it is not unusual for large-scale renovations to cost more than the original pool cost, keep in mind how far back that was. It is possible to spend twice as much to rebuild a pool that has been around for twenty years than it cost when it was built.

  1. Peruse Pictures

You can create a picture list by pining to your Pinterest board or saving photos to your hard drive to help you remember your pool dreams.

Be mindful of your budget. It’s easy to allow scope creep to take you away. But at this point, don’t worry too much. It’s important to have some ideas and to be able to envision what is possible.

  1. Calculate The Costs

Do some research online on the local pool service companies that advertise as offering pool renovations. This will take you between 2-and 4 months. Although pool builders are the most qualified to perform pool renovations, pool service or management companies can also be helpful.

If you have owned your pool for a while, or live in an area with fewer people, you may be familiar with the names of all the local pool companies. A company’s website or Facebook page can be very useful and informative. You can also play detective and search for online reviews and news.

You can narrow down your list to 3-4 companies or a reasonable amount for your area. Then call their offices or complete an online contact form suggesting that you set up a meeting about your pool renovation.

It is a good idea to have some ideas already in place. They can help you put them in perspective in terms of cost and feasibility. If you are flexible, be open about your budget and a price range. Ask them what they would do if you had a pool of money. A salesman will often bring a photobook or tablet with him to show you examples of their work and tell you more about the company.

It is a great way to get ideas and see the type of work that they are most proud to do. It is best to not be a guinea pig for a company that is renovate pool. You don’t want them to build a tanning shelf or other complex water features. You should expect them to have the experience required for the type of work you require.

  1. Select A Contractor

Once you have received prices from at least two to four contractors, compare their portfolios, references, project timeline, warranties, and price. Do not be seduced by salespeople or charismatic reps. Take your time and review other quotes before you sign a contract for a pool remodel.

Ask them what parts of the job they will sub-contract and which will be done by in-house crews. They may have more control. You can ask for references from your local area and make sure you contact them.

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