Safeway – Get Your Essentials Delivered To Your Doorstep

During Covid, we all have gone through challenging times while tackling the finances of the house. We even have faced difficulty visiting the store and purchasing groceries or other food material on our own. Although we cannot compromise on house bills or expenses, we have somehow managed to survive such tough times with alternatives or sub-brand substitutes. But we believe a healthy way of life should not be expensive or compromised. Therefore, there are various ways to purchase your groceries or essentials with discounts & offers and get them delivered to your doorstep. 

Even grocery stores have understood that online shopping is much more convenient and has become a guilty pleasure for many people. Therefore, Stores like Safeway have introduced their flyers and weekly ads online, where you can order your groceries and get them delivered easily. These Safeway Weekly Ads have various deals and discounts to offer their consumers. Usually, every week they update their ads and flyers with the latest or upcoming offers. However, if you are searching for Safeway Weekly Ads & flyers, keep reading further. 

Benefits of flyers and weekly ads:

Rather than cutting down your grocery list or compromising material quality, look for weekly and monthly flyers. Below we shared various benefits of shopping through Safeway Weekly Ads & flyers. 

  • Offers & deals:

weekly ads and flyers usually have deals and discounts like- 

  • 20%-40% discounts
  • Get a complimentary product
  • Reward points
  • Buy one get one or more free

Moreover, if you purchase online while checking out or making a payment, you can enjoy additional discounts or cashback through online payment gateways. 

  • Doorstep delivery:

While purchasing your groceries or food material from Safeway’s you can get your order delivered to your doorstep. Even if you order your groceries from any Safeway’s store, they will pick and deliver your order from the nearest store to you in no extra time. 

  • Purchase more in less amount:

If you purchase your groceries or essentials by referring to Safeway weekly ads, you can always buy two products at the price of one product. Usually, stores introduce offers like buy one get one free, where you only have to pay for one amount, which is more than your other product. For example, if you are purchasing a green tee, you might get health cookies free. So here, you only have to pay for green tea, and cookies will be free. 

  • Saves money:

In contrast to getting more than one product, you can even save your money through flyers and weekly ads. There are various ways you can save your head earned money—a few of them are given below. 

  • “Assess your consumption” and try to purchase those products that are essential for you in your day-to-day life, like your breakfast and dinners. Plan your meals way ahead and purchase products that have deals and offers running on them. 
  • Various weekly ads offer heavy discounts on “bulk purchases”. For example, you can buy two family packs at 40-50% discounts if you purchase oats in bulk.
  • Not only websites, but if stores have their own “application”, you can also order your groceries from there. Stores like Safeway update their weekly Safeway ads and flyers regularly on their website and application to shop from. 
  • In addition to this, while signing up on any website or application, you can have “welcome discounts coupons” from the store itself. However, these coupons come with an expiry date, so check for instructions before availing of them. 
  • Through online shopping, you can earn and redeem “reward points” as well. For example, if you purchase corn, you might notice they have offered a few reward points to purchase this specific product. 


Hopefully, our article was informative and guided you regarding various ways to save money and purchase smartly online. However, if you are searching for affordable store and their weekly ads, we recommend you to consider Safeway weekly and our guide for more detailed guidance.

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