Senator Rick Scott Gives Third Quarter Salary to Three Nonprofit Food Banks

According to a press release dated 24th November 2021, Senator Rick Scott announced to donate his 3rd quarter senate salary to three great organizations working day and night to help the families struggling with hunger in Florida get food and means. 

The FL state senator Rick Scott said that “Today, Ann,

The three organizations that were appreciated for their hard work are the Hardee Help Center, Palm Beach County Food Bank, and Second Harvest of the Big Bend.

Jill Vaillancourt, the executive director of the Hardee Help Center extended the deepest gratitude from everyone for Scott’s generous contribution. Jill even said that Senator’s care and kindness will inspire the center to persist in fulfilling its mission.  The Hardee help Center is a nonprofit organization formed in 2000. The center offers support and a variety of resources to families and individuals experiencing hardships including food, financial support, and household items.

Jamie Kendall,

the CEO of Palm Beach County Food Bank was grateful to attain the generous gift from Senator Scott that would help the Food Bank reduce hunger in their county. Palm Beach County Food Bank concentrates on reducing hunger and supports 200 partner agencies around Palm Beach County. The community works together to help families, seniors, and children including minority and Hispanic communities in Florida. 

Monique Van Pelt, the CEO of Second Harvest of the Big Bend appreciated the Senator’s spirit of contribution to the community in this holiday season. The generous gift given back will help the Second Harvest volunteers to spread more hope among the needed neighbors. Second Harvest was started in 1982 and serves several counties in Florida. Its mission is to address the urgent hunger problem first. It even takes effort in educating and engaging the community in fighting to end hunger. Healthy food is distributed among needy neighbors and other resources to relieve them from crises or emergencies. 

Recently, a photo surfaced on the internet where Cooper was seen humping a mannequin with a block of odd-shaped ice. Joshua Cooper was a consultant for Rick Scott’s political campaign.

The reputation of Scott Cooper Florida is getting degraded.

 He feels that it is a political drama trying to disgrace his reputation. 

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