Setek Wifi Extender Setup with Easy Steps

setek wifi extender

setek wifi extender

How to Configure a Setek WiFi extender setup Using the WPS Technique, Follow the instructions listed below:

1. Turn on the extender’s power.
It will take a few seconds for the power light to turn on after you have plugged your extender into a working wall socket close to your router.

2. Press to access the WPS Buttons.
Find the WPS button on the router, push it, and hold it down for a period of one to two seconds to access the WPS Buttons. The WPS button on your SETEK WIFI extender must then be held pressed for a few seconds before being released.

3. Currently, your router is linked to the extender.
Wait for the range extender to restart automatically when you have done pressing the WPS button on all of your devices. Your extender has successfully connected to your network if the indicator light on it flashes on and off repeatedly.

4. Place the Extender in your preferred position by adjusting it.
All that is left to do is position the extension in the proper location; the configuration is now finished. It needs to be positioned halfway between your router and the area with a poor WiFi signal. Remember that any location you select must be reachable via your WiFi network. Please try configuring your SETEK WIFI extender again if you are having issues, and make sure you have followed each step exactly. Before attempting to configure it again if you are still having difficulty, try to reset both the Extender and your router.

How to Factory Reset a SETEK WiFi Extender?

Setek wifi extender reset, Find the reset button on your Setek wifi range extender and press and hold it for ten seconds to get started.

  • You must now watch for the red LED light to turn on.
  • After that, wait for the following thirty seconds as you go in the direction of the SETEK WIFI extender.
  • The address of the default gateway should now be entered in the address column.
  • The default IP address is, so make sure you enter the correct one when you enter it.
  • If you’re using a computer, tap the management tab, which is on the screen’s right side.
  • In order to continue, locate the “restore factory settings” button and press it.
  • A caution box that appears on your screen will prompt you to confirm your action.
  • To proceed with the factory reset, you must tap the OK button.

How Can I Fix The SETEK WiFi Range Extender Problem?

If you have a problem during setek setup, follow the steps below to fix your problem:-

  • Start by inserting the SETEK WiFi extender and WiFi home router into the proper power outlets to make sure they are both turned on.
  • To establish a WPS connection between the SETEK WiFi range extender and the router, both devices must be in the same space.
  • The SETEK WIFI extension’s green light will then start intermittently flashing after that.
  • Next, press and hold the WPS button for two seconds to operate the SETEK WiFi extender.
  • You must then click the WPS button on the router within two seconds of pressing the WPS button on the SETEK extender.
  • The LED light on the SETEK WiFi extension and router will start to flash and blink.
  • After around 10-15 seconds, the SETEK WiFi extender will connect to the WiFi home network.
  • A green LED light that stays consistently lit on the SETEK extender indicates that a connection has been made successfully.
  • The SETEK WiFi range extender may now be unplugged and replugged in at a place midway between the router and the dead zone for WiFi signals. Now your setek wifi range extender setup is complete.

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