Should Timber Furniture Be A Part Of Your Interior?

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With hundreds of different types of wood that nature has to offer us, it can be overwhelming to choose the best fit for you. Wood of any kind, be it oak, mango, Sheesham, mahogany, etc. can work beautifully to give your house a warm, cozy, and beautiful look Paint finishing.

It can be molded, contoured, and customized including Paint finishing to suit any kind of home decor. But choosing the correct kind of timber to use in your interior requires a great knowledge which professionals and leading companies such as Automated Solutions Australia have and can help you in that.

How Can You Use Timber Furniture As Part Of Your Interior:

  • Set a theme for your interior: Do you want a country theme or a contemporary theme, a strong color palette, or a neutral color palette? Answering these questions will help you set a theme for your house decor and the kind of furniture you want to use in your house for that reason.
  • Set a budget: You might have a huge dream regarding your interior but timbers come in different budgets and some can burn a hole in your pocket if not chosen wisely. Setting a budget for your furniture is very necessary to save your money.
  • Select the color of the wood: Woods can not only be found in different budgets but also in different colors. If you are going for a clean look you can opt for lighter color woods like oak, ash, or pine. If you are looking for a more rich look you can opt for darker color woods like walnut or mahogany. Remember to mix different colors of wood in your interior so that everything doesn’t look monotonous.
  • Choose your type of wood: Different person has different choices in woods. Their choices depend on the color and durability of the wood. Types of Furniture now are made of different woods like oak, pine, Sheesham, etc.
  • Styling them with different materials and objects: wooden furniture can give you soft and strong looks as you style them. If you want to use a darker color in a lighter room then you can soften it by using a subtle color piece of rug to tie it in. Styling it with different antique items like clocks and vases can give you a beautiful royal look.

Advantages of timber furniture:

The most practical advantage of timber furniture is its strength. Hardwood types of furniture won’t sag over the period as cheaper woods like plywoods would. It can maintain its strength for years and decades. Even reselling it will give you a good price. 

Another advantage of furniture made up of good quality wood like Marri tables Perth is its enduring beauty and its looks. The grains and tones of woods can bring an unmatched beauty to your room. 

Even if the look of the furniture is not quite finished properly it still has its charm where it is known for its rustic looks

And Thanks to its enduring beauty and strength wooden furniture the damage can be restored fully with the right tools and technique.

Disadvantages of wooden furniture:

Even though wood has its benefits but still it has its disadvantages as well like hardwood furniture is heavy to move. when you want to clean underneath or shift them you cant do it on your own.

They are also vulnerable to moisture. Water and moisture can ruin the furniture, can soak underneath, or can cause split and swell to an extent that can’t be restored.

Just like UV rays have to affect the skin the same way they also affect wood. Large exposure to sunlight can change the color of your wood. It could look attractive to some people but if you are not one of them then you could take the help of a skilled craftsman to restore it.


The finishing of your interior can be damaged by a sharp object. Repairing the damages is a very costly affair and needs a lot of patience and skill.

Using timber furniture as an interior can have its disadvantages but the advantages of its are more. Wood can transform the mood and the look of the entire room or entire house. It is an organic option if it is sourced naturally and ethically. This furniture would stay with you for generations with options for paint finishing and offer you a timeless quality that can’t be replaced.

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