What you should do in Literacy-Based Speech Therapy before you read


There are increasing numbers of studies that support the use of literacy-based speech therapy. This allows you not only to show the real-life application of skills but also allows you to target multiple skill areas with one tool: a book. The first thing that comes to our minds is to read a few pages and answer questions. However, that is only the tip of what to do with books. There are many other things that must happen before we get there. Frontloading is the best pre-reading strategy. 1. Spend time…

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Speech Therapy: What Is It?

speech therapist office

Speech therapy may need to be provided for speech disorders in childhood and impairments in adults caused by injuries or illnesses, such as stroke. Why Should You Seek Speech Therapy? Speech therapy is a treatment option for many speech and language disorders. Fluency Conditions. A fluency disorder is a condition that affects the flow, speed, and rhythm of speech. Stuttering is a sign of fluency. Someone with stuttering can have difficulty making a sound. Acoustic Disorders. The blockage of airflow in the oral or nasal cavities can cause disruption or…

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