The Best Oslo Venues For An Exciting Night

Oslo is the capital of Norway. The city has got much to offer. So in between checking out the Book of Dead for free and discovering art and music at Oslo landmarks such as Annual Music Festivals and Oslo Opera House, you should explore Oslo nightlife. The nightlife in Oslo is electrifying; it can give you the unforgettable experience you are looking for. For instance, there is a highlight of various bars and restaurants you should check for during the best Oslo holidays.

The Best Oslo Venues For An Exciting Night


But nightlife in Oslo isn’t limited to bars and restaurants. If you are a betting fanatic, you can visit some of the most spectacular casinos in the city, such as Casino Cigarforretning. Here are places you should consider visiting when in Oslo.



Both locals and visitors rate Bla as the first Oslo bar you should visit. It offers live music and is one of the best venues to be if you’re looking to quench your thirst while listening to great music in the summer. Bla has some unique character and great history since it used to be a diamond vault. It is a sturdy brick building with exceptionally high ceilings. Bla is next to the river in Oslo and is famous for its colorful graffiti. Check out the Bortenfor, a cozy Oslo bar that’s right next to Bla, and enjoy a drink by the river.



If you’re looking to have a culinary feast in Oslo or enjoy dinner with some pals, you cannot go wrong with Maaemo. Maaemo is the only 2 Michelin-star Oslo restaurant and is on Oslo’s list of 50 top restaurants. It is located at 15B Schweigaards gate, Gamle Oslo. Some of the best dishes you should have a bite of at this Oslo restaurant include fried rye-bread cream, Reindeer heart, and spruce juice.


John’s Bar

Those who are looking for a “serious” bar in Oslo will enjoy John’s bar. This bar takes music seriously and offers patrons quality music every single day. You can listen to different types of music at this venue. Whether you want to listen to hip hop, electric music, jazz, or rock, there’s something for everyone.

This club can carry more than 150 people at a go. The age limit is 24years, and this means the bar is pretty serious about what they promote.



When you are finally ready to have a fun night with friends, take your space at Sing and join the crowd as they sing along. This Oslo night-time venue was designed for the younger crowd or those who feel young at heart.


The bar offers a karaoke bar and a colorful outdoor seating environment with tunes that’ll get you dancing to the beat all night long. This place is one of the reasons living in Oslo is fantastic. The music types range from rock to hip-hop.



As long as the Oslo lockdown doesn’t interfere with your plans to enjoy the nightlife fully, you should check out Tilt. This Oslo venue is a little different from some of the ones we’ve highlighted. If you’re not interested in dancing, Tilt could provide you with the most conducive environment. You can find Tilt downtown in a public bathhouse that is also home to the popular venue Rockefeller.

Best Oslo Venues Best Oslo Venues


This Oslo bar offers excellent Norwegian beer, classic arcade games, and pinball on two floors. Be sure to immerse yourself in a game of Donkey Kong or Space Invaders when you visit. The bar is open every day till 3:30 am and is a fun place to catch up and bond with friends.



Anyone who would like to savor some tapas dishes will enjoy spending time at Champagneria. This bar is well-known for some of the most delicious tapas dishes in Oslo. You should try their famous chimichurri aioli and sweet potato chips. Champagneria also offers a variety of beers, champagnes, and other drinks. Unless you don’t mind the crowd that gathers in this Oslo venue on the weekends, you should visit from Monday to Friday.

The Best Oslo Venues For An Exciting Night



Fans of really loud music will enjoy their time in Jaeger. You can find the club right at the city’s heart and boasts about having the most extensive surround system in a club in Europe. The club is a kilometer away from the closest Oslo hotels and residential areas, so the music can get loud. If the only thing you want to do is catch up with your friends, there are plenty of spaces in this Oslo venue to hang out. The bar is open every day at 3 pm and then magically morphs into a club later in the evening.



It doesn’t matter where you choose to spend your time in Oslo; you’re bound to have the ultimate night-time experience. So let us know which venue you would prefer to visit first if you were in Oslo tonight. We can’t wait to know what part of the nightlife in Oslo, you would like to indulge.


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