The Meanings of Wedding Dress Colors

The Meanings of Wedding Dress Colors. There’s no reason to limit yourself to white when there are so many other options, even though white has been the standard color for wedding gowns. Every color has its own meaning and connotations, that could lend a layer of significance to your overall look. In this post are 12 different wedding gown colors as well as what they symbolize before you go on buying designer wedding dresses online.

The Meaning of a White Wedding Dress

Now let us begin with white, the most common bridal gown color. White is the most classic wedding dress color nowadays, and it’s perfect for a woman who values tradition. Purity, innocence, brightness, virginity, and positivity are all symbols associated with it. It’s really classic bridal attire. Wedding gowns are available in a variety of white colors, ranging from stark white to ivory.

White wedding gowns were popularized in the 19th century by Queen Victoria, not for their meaning, but to demonstrate riches and status. Although white is associated with purity and virginity, blue was once associated with similar qualities. 

The Meaning of Ivory Wedding Dresses

When you are going to buy a wedding dress online, consider that ivory is typically considered a hue of ‘white’ wedding dresses, despite its appearance. As a result, this has the same connotation as white dresses. Many people used to think that ivory signified the bride was no longer a virgin and so couldn’t wear white, but this is no longer the case. Ivory is favored by many brides since it is less contrasted on their complexion and suits all skin colors. 

The Meaning of a Blue Wedding Dress

A blue wedding gown, whether light or navy blue, exudes confidence, tranquility, composure, and calm. Blue’s associations with water, sky, and sea conjure up images of wonder, mystery, and serenity. As previously said, blue also denotes virginity and femininity. Stability, loyalty, and life are some of the other connotations of blue.

The Meaning of a Black Wedding Dress

Although black may appear to be an unusual hue for a wedding gown, it is becoming increasingly fashionable among contemporary brides. While you believe that black denotes death and grief since it is used at funerals, keep in mind that white is also donned at funerals in many regions of the world. 

Black is a bold, modern color that is ideal for the modern bride who wants to do things her own way. It’s not for the traditionalist or the faint of heart. That’s a sophisticated, exquisite appearance that conveys strength, confidence, power, and riches. 

The Meaning of a Green Wedding Dress

When you are planning to buy a wedding dress, you will come across green gowns. It is a fantastic hue for the bride who enjoys outdoors and the nature because it symbolizes nature. Peace, stability, rebirth, expansion, and endurance are other meanings. Green is a versatile clothing choice since it looks great on many skin tones. 

The Meaning of a Pink Wedding Dress

Ranging from earthy tones to vibrant colors, pink is available in a variety of shades. Pink is a color that is associated with innocence and youth. It portrays a playful disposition, but it can also symbolize a flirty one. Pink is the girliest hue on this list since it has long been associated with ladies and femininity.

The Meaning of a Gray Wedding Dress

Old and gray hair, gray clouds, gray attitude. The color gray is frequently associated with despair, aging, and hopelessness. A gray wedding gown, on the other hand, is a very different story! This can give the user a dignified appearance while also giving them a serene, calm demeanor. 

The Meaning of a Silver Wedding Dress

Silver is a classy, fashionable color that exudes elegance and provides the bride a serene, assured appearance. Silver is also a safe bet because it’s still in the family of a white hue, so it’s ideal if you want your dress to stand out but not too much. While silver is linked to history, since it was valued highly and used in a variety of different ways, it is also connected to modernity and technology, creating a unique blend of the ancient and modern. 

The Meaning of a Peach Wedding Dress

Peach is a softer shade of orange that conjures up images of freshness, everlasting life, and rejuvenation. That’s a gentle, subtle shade that would fit a bride who desires a slightly unconventional style without going overboard. Peaches are associated with immortality in Chinese culture, making them ideal for a couple about to embark on a new journey. 

The Meaning of Orange Wedding Dresses

Because orange isn’t a typical wedding dress color, it’s a terrific choice for a bold, eye-catching look. The color orange is associated with happiness, joy, sunshine, and youthful optimism. This is a color that exudes vigor and a sense of merriment, and it’s not as overpowering as red. The color orange is also linked to the hotter climates and tropics.

The Meaning of a Lavender Wedding Dress

Lavender is a purple color that is on the softer side of the purple hue. Although purple is associated with monarchy, lavender is associated with elegance and beauty. For a bride who wants to project a smart, fashionable image, it’s a lovely feminine color that’s perfect. Lavender is frequently regarded as the mature counterpart of pink, while pink is often regarded as a girly color. 

The Meaning of a Red Wedding Dress

Although red may appear to be an unconventional color for a European bride’s wedding dress, red is the color of choice for traditional bridal gowns in so many Eastern countries such as China and India. Red is a color associated with passion, love, excitement, and energy in the Western world. This is a bold color to choose from, and not everyone looks good in it. If you’re not afraid to make a statement, this is the outfit for you.

If You Go Shopping… 

When you want a different colored dress, look for a party gown rather than a bridal gown. The so-called “wedding tax” applies to anything containing the word “wedding” in the title, raising prices unnecessarily. Although both may look similar, you might be able to buy a lovely green party dress for far less than a lovely green wedding gown. When you’re having your dress specially designed, you can save a lot of money by leaving out the part about it being for a wedding. And if you are buying wedding gowns in Oman, visit the online shop of MyNurj. NurJ has been expanding over the last few years, born out of a couple’s passion for the bridal market. The business has been weaving love stories through magnificent bridal pieces, combining legacy and years of craftsmanship with innovation and a young vision of the next generation. It has remarkably succeeded in putting its name on the global fashion map via hard work and determination.

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