The Most Stunning And Trendy Sheeshpattis in 2022

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Hair accessories have always been a rage when it comes to bridal jewellery ever since forever. From matha pattis to maang tikkas to paasas, there has been no Era in which we haven’t seen these accessories glamming up the bridal jewellery set!

Sispattis has made a comeback too, for a more minimalistic look, if that’s what a bride is going for! Brides are also renting online bridal jewellery sets with matching mathapattis and then pairing it up with sheeshpatti to give a rather heavier look!

Right from our Bollywood celebrities to the fashion influencers, everyone has been hopping on this hair accessory trend. Sispattis are quite versatile as they can be paired up with any jewellery piece. They add they quintessential elegance to the entire look! Whether you want to keep your hair open without having to cover your hair, or you want to tie our hair in a bun and accessorise, you can do it all with sispattis!

Since Sispattis have made such a grand entry in the bridal jewellery set, here are our favourite picks for the season:

1. Pearl sispatti: This gorgeous sheeshpatti will add the perfect Addition to your regal bridal look! Layer it up with pearl maangtika and you have your perfect hair accessory! This sheeshphool can work for any wedding function where you are planning to wear a pearl bridal set. It will add the modern bridal look to your ensemble. Pearls look aesthetically pleasing as well. You can add pearl sispatti with kundan jewellery as well!

2. Rani Green Sheeshpool: For traditional raani and green bridal combination this sheeshpatti is a god send. Adds the right amount to the ethnic ethereal design while adding a modern touch of elegance, this sheeshpatti will go very well with a bridal necklace set! This sheeshpatti can be worn for mehendi or sangeet events as well. Wear it with a contrasting lehenga and you are ready to steal the show.

3. Bold and green kundan sispatti: This is our jack of all trades pick of the season as it will complement multiple bridal looks. Right from heavy Kundan or polki sets of vibrant colour, this will match them all! Add a little hint of pearl and this will be a bridal jewellery set made in heaven! In case you are from the bride tribe, you can pair it with hathphool and big earrings without wearing a choker set for a more modern and minimalist look!

4. Big and Bold: Big and bold wedding jewellery looks like royalty, pair it with an equally big and bold sheeshpatti and how could this not be on the list? Wear it with your dreamy pastel bridal look and it will add that extra glint to your entire wedding look. Complement your wedding look by adding a blast of pink to complement the grand look of big sheeshpatti for a more balanced look. You can also rent sispattis with different coloured gemstones for a more aesthetic look!

5. Modern Minimalist Sheeshpatti: These are sispattis that look more like a dainty headband and a subtle sense of fashion to your otherwise heavy bridal look. Modern and minimalist doesn’t mean simple and boring. Sispattis add a flavour to your entire bridal look and thus can be experimented with well. Experiment with different stones, patterns and colours for a look that will stand out.

6. Vibrant and colourful: In case monotones bore you and you hate the sound of monotony, you can go for colourful sispattis that can be a contrast to your outfit. These colourful sispattis will add the much needed vivaciousness to your entire bridal look. You can find these sispattis and also other jewellery on rent online as well! If you want to break the bridal trend by adding colours then this should be your go to sheeshpatti choice.

Sheeshpatti has become a rage and for a reason. They fill you up with the main character energy without taking away the limelight from your entire look. It acts as the binding agent that brings the entire wedding jewellery together and syncs it well with the bridal ensemble. Every bride plans for their bridal avataar well in advance! It is one of the most important moments in a bride’s life, to dress up as a bride and start their new chapter of life. No bride wants to compromise on this, and plans days or sometimes years in advance for the final masterpiece! To every such bride, we would like to suggest you to incorporate a sispatti to your bridal ensemble, it will definitely be worth it. 

In case it is your bffs wedding, sispattis are for you too! Look at all the celebrity bridesmaids effortlessly adorning sispattis and looking like a million bucks! Wear a simple one or add two layers, whatever be your style there will be a sispatti that will match it! Rent jewellery online to find the perfect pieces in case you are confused!

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