The process through Which a Diamond Undergo Before Selling In Market

The process through Which a Diamond Undergo Before Selling In Market. Diamond is a costly and precious object with a luster that makes it much more attractive to people. It is used in pieces of jewelry that most people buy and wear to show off and make themselves attractive with it. A natural diamond is the most expensive and attractive gem loved by everyone in their first look.

 The diamond industry is becoming the top profitable company in the world market today and will gain a lot of profit in the future. Therefore, diamond trading is pride and a source of enormous profit for the industries. If you are interested in diamond exchange, you must visit diamond exchange 9 login where the best diamond exchange activities occur. 


Diamond process 

A diamond undergoes many processes before actually placing it in the market. Many efforts are made to transfer a rough stone into a beautiful diamond with enormous importance in the market. The process begins from digging the earth’s surface deep into hundreds of miles. These stones take a very long time to discover, which is approximately two to three billion years due to excess heat and pressure. 

The process begins with the exploration of the diamonds. Due to volcanic activities, these diamonds and some other minerals settle in the free space on the earth’s surface. Due to this, the magnetic field of the land changes, and the explorers decide to dig the land. 

Once the exploration is done, another process takes place that is mining. Mining itself includes many processes that are open-pit mining, underground mining, marine mining, and artisanal mining. After the mining is done, the ore that contains rough diamond undergoes many processes of blasting, crushing, and another x-ray process to get a diamond. 

The next step includes the sorting of the diamond. This includes the differentiation of diamonds according to their size, quality, color, and shape, etc. after this, the process of cutting and polishing occurs. A skilled person is required for cutting and polishing the diamond as it is the most essential process to convert a rough and dull diamond into a beautiful and lustrous one. 

Polishing of the diamond is either computerized or done with hands. Both of these processes need focus to make it a perfect and beautiful gem. This includes the cleaving, sawing, and laser cutting cutter. Then the diamond undergoes bruiting through which the outlines are provided to the edge of the diamond. For diamond exchange, visit diamond exchange nine logins. 

And finally, the free diamond is ready to sell in the manufacturing companies from where these are fitted into the jewelry that the customers buy either online or offline. 

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