The Pros And Cons Of Using Blackout Shades

blackout shades

Blackout blinds, curtains, or shades can be a profitable investment for homemakers and interior designers. Contrarily, others dissatisfied with these shades comment otherwise. They feel the prices are exorbitant compared to the benefits reaped. 

Let’s clear the confusion below. 

The Pros Of Using Blackout Shades Indoors

Limit the excessive brightness of the room:

Make sleep and napping time more soothing and calming for your babies, infants, toddlers, or young kids. To do so by using blackout shades. Also, these shades make the room less irritating as it decreases the light coming in. 

Maintain a certain level of privacy:

These shades bring better privacy indoors while installed in meeting rooms, study rooms, and bedrooms. It is a one-time investment for the owner. But privacy can be altered as and when required. 

Also, it’s the best investment for creating and leveling up privacy when you have a house on a busy road or street. Passers-by won’t be looking at your rooms from thereon.

Maintain a soundproof environment to cut the outside noise:

Blackout curtains are known for cutting the outside noise coming in. This works best when people talk and work secretively on important matters. Also, they cut the noise out so you can concentrate better. 

For instance, you’re practicing book writing, music writing, or any speech. Using blackout blinds with thick material, you have one less thing to worry for.

Set the right temperature indoors:

Blackout blinds and shades are an investment for interior designers to maintain a certain degree indoors. Both heat and cold are left outside to many degrees using these shades. 

To cut short, these blinds help balance indoor temperatures during any season throughout the year. So, there is also less burden on using heaters or ACs when the weather changes. In the end, the energy consumed is less and lesser is the electricity bill to pay. 

Secure the beauty of your furniture:

Rooms with windows facing south-east to south-west deteriorate the color and beauty of furniture faster. It can include drapes, beds, cabinets, bedcovers, and more. However, after using blackout blinds or shades, you have a choice to cut out the sunlight from such rooms. 

The setting is not permanent. You can draw back/ pull up the curtains whenever you want to adjust the sunlight in these rooms. 

The Cons Of Using Blackout Shades Indoors

The totally dark setting of the room:

Some users often complain that blackout curtains and blinds rob them of the sunlight they want. They feel these shades promote stark darkness even during midday and at night. 

They feel there’s no use of these shades at night. But their mood can turn somber midday while sitting in rooms and pulling down these shades. 

Sense of time and weather outside:

Without proper planning, users can lose the sense of both time and weather outside. And blackout blinds/shades can disrupt the sleeping patterns of those who wake up early. 

They feel not getting enough Vitamin D when these shades get pulled in during wee and waking hours. 

Can disrupt babies’ sleeping patterns:

Owners have to make sure to use blackout blinds carefully. That is because babies get used to blackening or darkened room settings to set their sleeping clocking. 

However, when there is any disruption in the schedule of pulling up or down the shades, their sleep cycle will be hampered too. 

It’s seen and reviewed by many users. Also, parents might face difficulties if their babies wake up at different hours than they have planned for using the shades. 

That is because these shades totally cut out the light. And at certain hours, parents might not want to diminish the light in the room. But babies make them do so for better sleep. 

Have to sturdier rods for holding up the shades:

Users have to change one more thing when bringing blackout shades home. That is the holding rod. It has to be sturdier and tougher. It’s because the shades are heavier to lift. 

You can’t use an average rod. Otherwise, it can be bad for managing the entire shade set. 

Little decorative value:

Manufacturers often don’t have many styles or patterns for blackout blinds or shades. Their focus is on shades providing privacy, less light, and room temperature qualities. Therefore, these shades have less decorative value right now. 

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