The Right Kinds of Memorials for Dignity and Respect

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As someone who has lost a loved one, the idea that it’s never too late to celebrate their life and pay tribute to their memory is very comforting. Everybody needs space to grieve, but coming up with original ways to say your final goodbye can be challenging. To help you out, we’ve got ideas on how you can commemorate loved ones in an unconventional way.

Why Keep Nearby a Memorial in Honor of a Lost Loved One

A memorial in honor of a lost loved one can be an incredibly poignant reminder of their life and the important moments they shared with you. It can also provide both physical and emotional relief during hard times. Some factors to consider when choosing a memorial include the person’s favorite flowers, songs or words that remind them of happy times, and what kind of atmosphere you want to create for visitors. Here are some examples: 

If your loved one was particularly fond of nature, consider memorializing them with flora near by such as peace lilies or statice. If your loved one enjoyed music, choose to have nearby a piano or another instrument they enjoyed playing. If they are happiest when surrounded by friends and family, consider adding a garden with benches and communal areas for family and friends to gather. Finally, think about what words or images might bring comfort to you after a difficult time. Something like “Remember Me” or “You Will Always be Loved” may work well for you.

Alternative Ways to Hold a Closure Ceremony

Picking the right closure ceremony for your loved one’s passing is an important decision. Many families find that a memorial service provides some sense of closure, while others prefer to hold a separate ceremony to honor their loved one in their own way. 

Some families choose to have a private memorial service where only close family and friends are invited. Others choose to hold a public memorial service where everyone who knew the deceased can attend. 

Regardless of what type of ceremony you decide to hold, there are some important factors you should consider. Here are five tips for choosing the right closure ceremony for your loved one:

1. Make sure the ceremony honours your loved one’s memory and life. Remember, your loved one is gone but their life still mattered. Consider choosing an event that reflects this fact, like a service that celebrates life or emphasizes laughter over sadness. 

2. Choose an event that is comfortable for all involved. Everyone has different mourning styles, so it’s important to pick an event format that accommodates as many people as possible. Consider holding a memorial service with speeches, readings, music, or tears – whatever feels most natural and comfortable for everyone involved. If you choose to cremate your loved one, one of the most important things you’ll need to do is select a unique keepsake cremation urn

How to Clear Emotions and Throw a Ceremony for Your Guardian Angel

When someone dies, the last thing they might want is a large, formal funeral. Instead, they might prefer something more intimate and memorable that respects their dignity and respects the memories of those who cared for them during their lives. Here are four things to keep in mind when planning a memorial service for someone who has died: 

1. Choose an appropriately personal theme. 

If the person who died was known for their creativity, consider having a creative memorial service with artists or craftspeople as speakers. If they were known for their charitable work, have speakers talk about their contributions to society. The possibilities are endless- just think about what the deceased was particularly passionate about and how people can learn from that. 

2. Respect the deceased’s family’s wishes. 

If the deceased had children or grandchildren, be sure to contact them and ask if they would like to participate in the memorial service. Honoring family traditions is a great way to show your respect for them. If there are no living relatives, consider holding a memorial service for the deceased in their honor at a local cemetery or park. 

3. Keep it informal

 Many people prefer an informal memorial service instead of something more traditional because it feels more personal.


A memorial is a special way to remember someone who has passed away. There are many different types of memorials, and it’s important to choose the right one for your loved one. When choosing a memorial, it’s important to think about what message you want to send and who will be reading it. Some things to keep in mind include the type of person your loved one was and what kind of personality they would have wanted their memorial to reflect. If you don’t know where to start, our team at The Memorial Shop can help guide you through the process.

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