The Significance of Internal Linking

Internal linking is a crucial part of on-site SEO. It is a process of connecting one page of a website to another in the same domain. 

Usually, external links are given more importance in the SEO India as they drive high-quality web traffic from other websites and social media platforms. But you can’t ignore internal linking as they equally play a crucial role in your website’s growth. 

Why Should You Consider Internal Linking?

Internal linking gives a website owner a multitude of benefits. They are the most powerful ways to convey to the users and search engine crawlers that a particular page on your website has value. In simple terms, you can increase the traffic on your web pages (especially on less active pages) by linking them to high-traffic pages of your website. Moreover, there are many other reasons you should consider internal linking for your website. Let’s find them below!

Builds an Internal Hierarchy 

Building an internal hierarchy is always crucial for a website’s growth. Internal linking is the best way to do that. When you link one page of your website to another which is also linked to another page, it creates an endless hierarchy. This increases the value of your web pages which further leads to a considerable gain in your website traffic. 

Helps in Navigation 

When you have lots of pages on your website, it becomes a little complicated to navigate on your website for both users and search engine crawlers. In this case, an experienced SEO company India advises building more and more internal links because internal linking creates a sequence of web pages that make it easier for both users and crawlers to explore even less active pages of your website. This not only increases the web traffic on your website pages but also enhances engagement between your website and users. 

Improve User Experience 

When it comes to maintaining the traffic and ranking of your website, user experience matters a lot. A website that gives a satisfying website-visiting experience to its users usually has a higher chance of getting its users back. 

There are many ways you can improve your website user experience. Internal linking is one of the best ways out of them. 

Here are some points that convey how internal linking improves user experience. 

  • Helps in website navigation
  • Lets them find relevant information easily
  • Allows them to move from one page to another quickly

Increases Your Sale

If you are an online seller or own an e-commerce website, internal linking can help in increasing your sale. You can connect the pages that display similar products to one another through internal links. These links let the customers find out all the relevant products that they are interested in. In this way, internal links help increase your online sale.

Enhances Your Website’s Authority and Reliability 

External links are not the only factor that enhances a website’s authority and reliability, internal links also play an equally crucial role in the same. They significantly improve and enhance your website’s authority and reliability.


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