Things to do for happy second marriage21

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Things to do for happy second marriage

Second Shaadi after the demise of your partner would not be an easy task; you need to build a new way between you and your new partner’s feelings. You also need to carry your love for people’s feelings into consideration. The outside influences, along with the expectation you are putting on yourself and your present partner, could negatively affect your relationships. You may have a healthy second relationship in marriage divorcee matrimonial sites in India. 

  • Do what your heart says: stop living for others. You cannot please everyone. Your family and friends may not be ready for this decision or dating someone. But the best thing is you are an adult now and capable enough to make all your decisions. You are the only one responsible for all your happiness in life. In Indian society, it is challenging to accept remarrying after losing a partner. 
  • Do not burden yourself: you have gone through a lot, and now you are entering new territory. Chances are, you have not figured everything out, and you might have many questions about further marriage. For instance, you may think you have to buy a new home rather than live in the old one. Instead, to learn to survive on to others’ expectations, try to find someone for yourself on different divorcee matrimonial sites in IndiaTake some time and avoid rushing to conclusions, as it is challenging to come over from your past.
  • Talk to your kids about your thoughts: it is not easy for younger children to understand the concept of remarrying after their parent’s demise. They fear that new parents will try to take the place of their late parents. Taking the child to see a counselor if they are upset about your remarrying may help them become comfortable with the situation. The therapist may be able to convince them that they will be safe and loved as earlier.
  • Consider the feelings of your partner’s children: it may be possible that your partner has children, do check whether they are comfortable with it. To prevent such a situation, talk to them first before finalizing anything. For instance, you may say to your partner, “you never wanted to be in between you and your children.” 
  • Avoid any compromise: you never be compared with your partner’s ex. So, try it for yourself as well. Never judge or compare your partner with your ex as well. Doing this in your mind itself adds up some expectations that would not be possible and may create some conflict in between. If you trust your new partner, it helps build your relationship on a more critical note.
  • Consider the feeling of your new partner: you might feel that you have moved on from your late partner, but your current partner may heal up differently. They might still have some pictures remaining in their mind and have some connections left. Just because you do not do such things, it does not mean it is wrong for your partner.

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