Things to know about 2022 Chevrolet Silverado HD Series

Individuals looking for a heavy-duty pickup truck can stop their search and simply choose either of the 2022 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 or 3500 HD pickups. The HD series of Chevrolet Silverado is by far the best heavy-duty pickup that you can purchase. Therefore, it is time for you to flex your eyes to go through certain specifications of the 2022 version of Chevrolet Silverado HD before driving to the Jacksonville Chevrolet dealer to pick one up. 

Silverado 2500 and 3500 HD pickup’s powertrain 

The standard option powertrain for these two models is the V8 6.6L engine that creates a colossal 401-hp along with torque 464 lb-ft. Also, for smooth gear operation, Chevy has equipped these two models with automatic 6-speed transmission. 

One of the most interesting engine options available is the V8 diesel 6.6L that is known as the best in this category due to its 445-hp and torque 910 lb-ft when hooked with automatic ten-speed Allison transmission. 

People looking to tow on steep areas should opt for the gas powertrains due to how good the combination of automatic transmission and gas-powered engine works. However, experts recommend that if an individual is looking to tow heavy loads daily, then a diesel engine will serve him/her the best. 

The minimum towing capacity of Silverado HD is more than 17,400 lbs, while the diesel variant can tow a maximum of 36,000 pounds. Also, the 3500HD model can carry a payload of over 7000 lbs when equipped with certain packages. The impressive capability, performance, and security provided by this pickup is why more people are opting for these two versions of Silverado HD rather than any other truck.  

Interior and cabin 

The Silverado HD models come in a plethora of trims. Each trim is priced according to its powertrain as well as how classy and sophisticated the interior cabin portion is. From work trucks (for strictly commercial purposes) to luxurious High Country models, Silverado HD offers something for everyone. 

The configurations of interior and technology equipped inside will depend on which trim an individual decides to get. The dashboard is huge and loaded with buttons to make it user-friendly for all. 

Also, the infotainment system can be accessed through a huge touchscreen along with other features that comprise Bluetooth, a Wi-Fi hotspot, wireless charging, and more. To get a clear picture, get in touch with a Chevy dealership Jacksonville and the salespeople there can clear all your questions. 

Price set for 2022 Silverado HD models 

As mentioned earlier, numerous variants of Silverado HD models are available for people to select. Hence, it is better to visit a dealership to know about these in detail as well as have a chance of having a test ride. However, just keep in mind a few things like the starting price of 2022 Chevrolet Silverado HD models are $37,000 approximately and go up to over $65,000. 

So, choose your Silverado HD according to your requirements so that you can use it however you see it fit. Thus, quickly book your unit!

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