Tips and Tricks to Follow When Deciding Apparel for the Escape Room Quest

Escape Room

Escape rooms are a fun way to put yourself and your friends to the test. An escape game is a good approach to see how people react when confronted with a difficult situation. It is the best way to communicate with new faces and build a strong relationship with friends, family, and peers. Most organizations are now trying this game for team building.

If you have been in Atlanta, you must have seen escape games popping up all over the town. However, the Paranoia Quest – Escape the Room was the first to introduce the parallel world in 2015. They provide the experience of movie-set props, original background music, and sound as well as a unique storyline for every quest. This escape room Atlanta has 4 rooms and 200 quests in total.

Any age group can enjoy this game. However, they should follow the basic tips to play it comfortably. The most important thing is the dress code. We have gathered some useful tips which may help you to decide the kind of dress code to follow before entering a quest –


  • Close-toed sneaker shoes are considered comfortable. Choose a shoe with a robust sole to ensure that you stay secure as you move through each location.
  • Choose a pair of pants or shorts like athletic shorts or a tight pair of denim that will work nicely with your activity. You don’t want anything too tight or confining, but you also don’t want anything too big or droopy.
  • Even if your escape room has air conditioning, you’ll want to wear something loose and breathable because you’ll be inside a small room for an hour. A loose T-shirt, a lightweight sweater, or breathable long-sleeve tee are all good alternatives.


  • Short dresses or clothing that is too tight. You won’t be able to duck into corners, climb stairs, or crawl through tunnels if you wear this apparel.
  • Open-toed and high-heeled shoes. Leave your sandals and high heels at the door or within the car, because you will not be running, you will be walking in a disciplined manner and it’s critical to wear shoes that allow you to go across any place without stepping on your toes.
  • Simple accessories such as rings that stay firmly in place are acceptable, but anything that jingles and risks falling off needs to be avoided. We recommend putting your hair up like a ponytail so it doesn’t get caught on something.


  • If you’re an active person whose closet is generally loaded with running shorts, skinny windbreakers, and compression pants, you’ve got the perfect outfit to protect yourself in the escape room.
  • If the majority of your clothes are a little bit too professional, look for something you’d wear if you were relaxing or cleaning your house. For example, a breezy T-shirt and a pair of khaki shorts, or a flexible pair of slacks are perfect.

The best way to get along with others in an office or family is by following a dress code. Organizations can provide free tees with their brand name on them. While families can decide on a common dress code or color to match. This is another way of boosting morale and enjoying a game together.


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