Tips For Choosing A Call Tracking Software For Your Business


The new web-based call tracking software used by businesses can bring to them much more information about a call than its place of origination. Businesses can use the online call tracking software for analyzing and measuring the phone leads coming from different channels, including offline and web-based advertising channels. 

More than 63% of people who start their search online end up buying the product offline. Therefore, when you use a call tracking software, there is a high chance that the customer contacts you through the phone and you can generate lots of data regarding the call. Surveys also reveal that having a phone number on online marketing/advertising channels (including online banners, advertisements, and websites) improves the sales conversion rate.

Tips for Choosing the Best Call Tracking Software

Call tracking software helps you know more about the behaviour of the customers and provides you inputs on a variety of metrics. You may run an advertising campaign on many different channels including Facebook, Google, print, radio, and television among others. You would also want to know which channel is producing the most results for you. 

The web-based analytic software and applications do not reveal the return on investments (ROI) that offline ads are creating. A phone and call tracking software can run in conjunction with the web analytics applications to provide much more precise results to you. Now that you know more about this and its benefits, here are some tips to choose the best online call tracking software.

Comprehensive Call Number Coverage

You should talk to the online call tracking software provider company and business to know more about the number coverage they offer. The software should allot unique phone numbers to the different campaigns. If you are operating in different markets around the globe, you should ensure that the service provider and the call tracking software company can provide you with the right set of numbers. It will ensure that you can use the software and the numbers in the different countries and regions of the world.

Looking for Customer Service Call Tracking Software?

Dynamic and Automatic Number Generation

The modern and advanced online call tracking software can generate phone numbers dynamically for different advertising companies. All you need to do is to have a JavaScript source code on the web page. You should not choose software and service that requires you to generate the numbers manually, as it will take a lot of time and may also cause errors.

Third-party Service/Application Integration

When your call tracking software and application combine with the other third-party applications, you can get even more data, information, and deeper insights. For instance, you can combine your best call tracking software application with a web analytics tool on Google to find out much more about a customer. The application can also integrate well with the other tools including the customer relationship management tools.


An online call tracking software and application from a reputed company can improve your revenues by providing you with suitable insights. The modern applications also provide you lot many customization facilities and help you take action in real-time. You should also look for a reliable company can that can promise you a good uptime guarantee.

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