Tips To Care For Your Cycling Shoes


Most cyclists may possess the best shoes for cycling yet complain of them not lasting long and not being optimum. However, one of the reasons for this could be negligence towards its care and maintenance. It is essential to be careful and take adequate measures to sustain the cycling shoes.

Listed below are some of the top tips to enhance and nurture your shoes meant for cycling:

Clean The Soles Carefully– You would have to pay extra attention and care to the footbed of the shoes (sole) because they soak practically all the perspiration that flows through your feet. Immerse them in lukewarm water with mild detergent or cleaning solution. Ensure that the temperature of the water is not too hot and the detergent added to it is in an appropriate amount.

Manual Cleaning Tips– If you will be cleaning your shoes manually, the very first action is to clean the entire shoe with a clean brush, preferably a toothbrush, eliminating all grime and splitting up any tougher particles. After that, soak the brush through warm water for a few minutes, then blow off the residue and continue cleaning the shoe, eliminating any unwanted or excess stuff. If the footwear is filthy, you could consider using a cleanser or other disinfectant, but make sure it is not too harsh or irritating since this may do more damage.

Machine Care Tips– If you do not want to take the extra effort of washing your shoes yourself, let the laundry machine do your job. To avoid any damage caused to the shoes by the device, wrap the shoes in a cover or maintenance pouches before directly putting them to wash in the machine. It’s also good to add some heavy cloth to avoid any banging that leads to a loud noise. Make sure the washer is set on mild or moderate mode. Also, consider removing the cleats and inner soles before putting the footwear in the washing machine. The inner soles may be put in independently; however, the cleats must be removed.

Drying Is Crucial– After you’ve finished cleaning the footbed and shoes, start to air dry them right away. This is indeed a vital part of maintaining cycling shoes. Microbes flourish in damp, wet conditions, so the faster the footwear dries, the fewer chances for microbes to emerge. Assure your footwear is completely unclipped and stored in an excellent breathable place. Remove the soles, then wait until the complete pair of shoes and their soles are dry before replacing them. It ought to be dried uniformly from inside as well. Hence, avoid placing the shoes near any heating element or dry them with a separate source. The sun’s warmth is bright enough, especially in the afternoon, ideal for drying up the shoe evenly.

Disinfect It– Just after a thorough scrubbing, the shoes and their soles may require more attention. You may have to disinfect it using a disinfectant spray meant for sporting equipment, which won’t hurt the skin or damage the shoes even while removing odour and bacteria. Disinfecting Solutions are created specially designed for it. Using them will keep your shoe infection free and also prevent any unpleasant smell. With well-maintained hygiene, it will avoid any internal deterioration, thereby ensuring long-lasting shoes.

Maintaining your shoes that are designed for cycling is very crucial. Just a sufficient amount of care and maintenance would make it last longer and keep it fresh.

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