Tips to Select the Best Perfume

Selecting a perfume according to your skin type and choice is not a simple thing. Each perfume consists of three different notes, Top, Middle, and Base note. The effect and volatility of individual perfumes are different. The effect of the Base note lasts for days but it is less volatile but the Top note volatility is higher so its effect lasts for a shorter period. The middle note effect can last for twenty to one hour due to its middle range of volatility. Different scents may be woody, fruity, or spicy scents. Davine’s perfumes are unique in their scents and quality. Davine’s perfume usually uses natural ingredients for the production of a specific scent.  

In this article, we will try to figure out various factors that determine the perfect scent for your body.

Skin type:

The important factor is the type of your skin. The simple thing is you have to determine whether your skin is oily or dry. When you finalize which type of skin you have then it is easy to decide about the fragrance of the perfume. 

Oily skin perfume choice:

If you have oily skin it means your sebaceous gland secretes more sweat in the air. This means you need a perfume that is less volatile and lasts for a longer period. You need perfume with a weaker “Top note” as you need lesser volatility and a stronger “Base note”, so it lasts for a longer period. Oily skin means you need a perfume that lasts for a longer period. 

This reduces the odor of your sweat and perspiration but less in volatility as your skin is readily transmitting its odor. So it is having less aroma and staying for longer is best for this type of skin. The best perfume for oily skin is having less aroma and staying in power for a longer period. So woody scents like Sandal can be a solution to oily skin. This scent lesser volatility and higher power of staying.

Dryer skin perfume:

It is opposite to oily skin, here you need a perfume that is more volatile and lasts for a shorter period. You need a stronger “Top note” and a weaker “Base note”. Dry skin readily absorbs it and its effect due to its roughness, so its effect lasts for a longer period automatically. 

By increasing aroma and decreasing the staying time on dry skin is best for dryer skin. This can be achieved by increasing the power of the “Top note” and decreasing the “Base note”. So can choose citrus scents, as they are higher in volatility and have a lesser base effect. 

The simple Test:

The best way to select a fragrance for your skin, you have to spray it on your wrist and let it remain for some period. If the fragrance remains the same you can select the perfume as your body chemicals have not reacted with the perfume. 

If it changes its odor, it means your body’s chemical is reacting with the perfume, so you can avoid such a perfume. This simple test is also helpful if you are not aware of the notes of the scents and all the chemistry involved in selecting the best odor for your skin type. 


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