Top 5 Tools to Embed Facebook Widget on Website

Embed Facebook Widget on Website

Embed Facebook Widget on Website

It is one of the most effective ways to increase user engagement, increase brand reach, increase brand awareness and visibility, and increase sales. Brands can display content created by loyal customers or users of Facebook Widget when they embed it on their website. This content is often referred to as User-Generated content. Potential customers trust this content and will look for reviews before purchasing. The Facebook feed can also be displayed on the website, which has the added benefit of beautifying the overall site appearance and increasing the dwell time. You are probably wondering how to embed Facebook Widget in your website. Keep reading this blog until the end to learn about the top 5 ways to embed the Facebook widget on your website. These tools are easy to use and don’t require any programming skills.

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Try these 5 Best Tools to Embed Facebook Widgets on Websites

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget, the best UGC platform, Facebook content aggregation platform, allows you to easily collect, curate and embed Facebook widgets on your website.

Taggbox is a responsive tool that allows users to modify the widget to their liking. You can choose from a variety of layouts, colors, fonts, and other options.

Advanced moderation panels allow users to remove unwanted content and moderate content with the profanity filter. This is necessary in order to maintain premium quality content.

Taggbox offers an analytics feature that allows users to track the widget’s performance. You can see how many clicks you have had, how many users visited your site and perform behavioral analysis.

Taggbox also integrates with all major website-building platforms. Users can embed Facebook widgets on their preferred platform by following just a few simple steps.



Elfsight is another social media aggregator that works well. It allows users to easily link their Facebook photos with their website. These tools allow users to adjust the width and height of the widget according to their needs.

The tool also offers many customization options. You can select from a variety of colors, themes, layouts, and designs to find the right fit.


Smash Balloon

Smash balloon displays Facebook posts by using a plugin. Smash balloon displays User-Generated Content using a plugin.

Smash balloon also offers additional features such as customization and a moderation panel for its users. This allows them to filter out unwanted content and makes their Facebook feed more appealing. is another efficient tool for embedding Facebook Widgets on websites. allows users to embed Facebook Widget onto the website and assess the participation of the audience.

This tool can embed photos and videos directly from Facebook to your website. It is simple to set up the tool and it can be used in just a few steps as described on the website.


Official Facebook Embedded posts

Facebook understands the importance of embedding Facebook content onto the website and offers users the option to embed posts directly from the platform.

Users simply need to navigate to the post and click the three dots to embed it. You can simply copy the shortcode, paste it in the backend of the webpage where you wish to embed the feed, and voila!

This tool has a major drawback. Users will need to embed each post individually. Users cannot embed all content with one connection type.

The blog also mentions other tools that make embedding content easy. All you have to do is select the source and follow a few steps.



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This blog is over. Now, you can learn about the top 5 internet tools. It is difficult to choose the best option among the many options on the internet.

This blog will help you select and shortlist the best Facebook embedding tools.

To get the most out of this marketing strategy, you only need to choose the best option among the five options.

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