Top Ethnic and Traditional Sarees for Every Women

Traditional Sarees

Top Ethnic and Traditional Sarees for Every Women. Every function is incomplete without a 6 yard draped saree. There are so many latest designer sarees available out there. Indian wedding sarees is a traditional fashion having a good collection of the latest designer sarees 2021, designer sarees for a wedding or the latest bridal collection. 

Designer sarees for weddings in India consist of vibrant colors and complex artistry. Women sarees are available in rich silks, vibrant colors, detailed designs, heavy borders, and heavy and well-decorated pallus. Whether it is a South Indian wedding or a North Indian wedding, the latest bridal collection for women’s silk saree for weddings never gets old.

In North India, there are the latest designer sarees made with the best process and technique. Most of the women’s sarees have good patterns and attractive, eye-catching colors. This article will see the collection of women sarees, the latest designer sarees, or designer sarees collections for weddings.

In this article, you will see more than 30 types of Indian saree online or in the market. Here you will see traditional women sarees with numerous styles of draping, which vary from five to nine yards. However, other than the latest designer sarees, there are more than 80 ways out there to wear a sari.

Various types of ethnic and traditional sarees for Indian women are given below:

A variety of traditional wedding sarees for Indian women involved are Kanjeevaram sari, Assam silk, Banarasi women sarees for weddings, Zardosi sarees, etc.


1. Banarasi Saree

Banarasi Silk, also known as Benarasi silk, arises from the Varanasi city of Uttar Pradesh. It is a splendid variant of silk. These sarees are made up of gold and silver zari and finely woven silk and are one of the outstanding sarees in India. Banarasi saree is famous in India, but across the globe, it is in high demand.

Banarasi silk has its origin from the authentic culture of India since the Maharaja’s time. Initially, these sarees are designed for Royal families. Every banarasi saree is made up of real gold and silver threads which takes a year to the craftsman to make these sarees. For designer wedding sarees, Banarasi sarees tops the list for the womens.


2. Georgette Saree

Georgette women sarees are made with thoroughly warped yarns and are made from silk. These sarees are built in solid colors and designs and are cast off for blouses, dresses, evening gowns, and clippings. Its wrinkled surface feature is constructed by altering S- and Z- twist yarns in warp and staple.

Georgette fabric is a semi transparent with a slightly wrinkled surface and a beautiful drape. It was first discovered in France at the start of the 20th century. In the best Indian saree, one of the most preferred is Georgette sarees which you will easily get online.


3. Kosa Saree

One of the famous Indian saree online or offline is the Kosa Sarees. These sarees are available in silk saree for weddings in different colors and designs. Kosa silk is created from the larvae or Antheraea mylitta of various species of silkworms in Chhattisgarh state, India.

It is an exceptional kind of Tussar silk strained from the cocoons grown on the trees like Saja, Sal, and Arjun. Kosa silk saree are in high demand and are the first choice for the best Indian women sarees. In the latest bridal collection, Kosa sarees tops the list.


4. Kasta Saree

Kasta is a traditional Marathi-style woman saree also known as Nauvari. It is a single nine-yard saree that is draped the same as that of the Maharashtrian dhoti.


5. Chiffon Saree


Chiffon sarees are created from pure silk. Hence, they are feathery weight fabrics sarees. When it comes to womens sarees online Chiffon sarees are the most alluring outfit for Indian women.


6. Chanderi Saree

In the Indian state Madhya Pradesh town Chanderi, these Chanderi Sarees are made. It is created from pure silk, Chanderi cotton and silk cotton. The fine count cotton for Chanderi was drawn out from a special source called Kolikanada. Initially, it is also remembered for gold and silver embroidery on it.

Chanderi fabric sarees are also considered designer silk sarees for weddings because of its unique shine and appearance. This fabric was entwined with handspun cotton yarn, which was excellent as 300 counts.


7. Patola Saree

In the Patan of Gujarat, women saree that is Patola saree, is a double ikat created from silk. Patola sarees are most famous and extravagant. Because of the popularity and royalness, Patola sarees are easily available online. These sarees are worn by only Royal and Aristocratic families.

These sarees are 6 m long women sarees made from silk. Who can afford expensive sarees are going to shop patola sarees online. After all, who doesn’t want to get the Royal feeling while wearing this elegant saree?


8. Kanjeevaram Saree

Kanjeevaram fabric is regarded as one of the most durable and strapping fabrics. These sarees are made in Kancheepuram from the mulberry silk thread by the weavers asThe saree is created from three silk threads warped together using the silver wire, making it durable.

The weight of the Kanjeevaram saree is generally 2 kilos. As the geographical indicator, Kanjeevaram sarees are acknowledged by the Indian Government.

In south Indian weddings, Kanjeevaram sarees are the obvious choice for the latest bridal saree collection.

However, in south India and North India and worldwide, Kanjeevaram sarees are in demand as the Indian designer sarees for weddings.

In south India two-piece saree is worn by the girls, known as saree or half saree. These are the traditional sarees worn by unmarried girls. However, half sarees blouse designs are so amazing as they are crafted with heavy work.


9. Kota Doria Saree

In the Kota city of Rajasthan and its places near it, Kota Doria Sarees for women are created. These women’s sarees are crafted with a bit of embroidery and borderline smudges. When you are shopping for Indian sarees online, you will get the Kota Doria sarees easily. It is light in weight and is more comfortable for any occasion.


10.Gota Saree

Gota Patti sarees are introduced in Rajasthan. This type of Indian embroidery is used broadly as designer sarees in weddings and informal clothes. A Patti work is mainly the handcrafted metal embroidery of Rajasthan, which is called Gota work.

While searching for the Indian saree online, you will also get Bhagalpuri saree, Maheshwari saree, Gujarati stitch, and many more outfits for the women.


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