Tread the best of the Himalayan trails 10 Near Kasol Treks.

The hunger of pines and walking the high lands is a permanent affair for some souls. God created the Parvati Valley in Himachal to foster the longings of these treks and endowed us with green alpine paths and mystical lanes yearning for exploration. In the past, many mountain enthusiasts have been intrigued by picturesque treks close to Kasol. Late in the year, they became more popular with young people and so many trekkers come through each season.


Treks around Kasol entice the traveler from Malana, Chalal, Rasol, Buddhaban, Kheerganga, and Sar Pass. Comfort them with the spectacular looks and humble them. Trekking across the Parvati Valley takes you on a journey across the Himalayan Alps from a few hours to a few days. Those treks are subsequently suitable for a veteran mountain traveler.


10 Near Kasol Short and Easy Treks


Some of the hikes near Kasol offer a nice detour as you take a larger path. While in Kasol, you plan to walk, the trail passes through the Kasol jungles and valleys to far-fetched spots.


  1. Tosh Trek


In the Parvati Valley, Tosh is a peaceful village in which nature is at its best. From Barshaini, a lovely hamlet, also a favorite tourist site in the middle of Kasol and Tosh, can be taken about 25 km from Kasol, on the Kasol to Tosh journey. The lovely Tosh countryside lies wonderfully in the valley lap with rivers and natural wetlands. Tosh Trek is a necessity to enjoy the wonderful trekking experience in Kasol!


  1. Chalal trek


Connected by a narrow Kasol cable bridge, Chalal is a most favorite place for nature enthusiasts. This picturesque village, located on the slopes above Kasol, 7,800 feet above sea level, is one of Kasol’s panoramic treks.


This place is also recognized for its greatest hashish produce, guarded by big trees and cafés. You’ll love this site, Potheads!


  1. Rasol trek


3-4 hours walk to Rasol – another beautiful town in the midst of the Parvati valley – from Kasol. Chalal is located 30 minutes from Kasol. It is also the base of Rasol. Upon crossing the pine trees, you will embrace the greenery and experience a great adventure.


Steep in nature, this trail is in keeping with the Himalayan range of difficult walks. Jamdagni Rishi Temple is an attraction in Rashol that should not be missed.


  1. Malana Trek


The ascent of Malana Village travels through the steep terrain to the hilltop. Malana is a fantastic trek and a wonderful spot to explore with a population of about 500 persons and the basic services in the village.


  1. Buddhaban Trek


Tosh is the hub of some of the most interesting hiking journeys from Kasol. In a spot in the north of the Tosh Village, Buddhaban. The trail is largely easy and flat, with the exception of the 1 km hard incline near Kuala Village.


The highlights of this short trip from the town of Tosh near Kasol are Apple orchard, the lovely Kuala Village, Tosh River, and a beautifully looking Buddhaban campground.


  1. Grahan Trek


Grahan is a great New Delhi and Chandigarh weekend break at 7700 feet. 10 kilometers from Kasol, Gaughan is the location to camp and get lost in the peacefulness of nature. The last stop in the Parvati Valley, with a picturesque campsite and welcoming residents, is the place of a hard climb.


In comparison with Kasol and Tosh, Grahan is rather calm. Be assured that your cell network will not be completely interfered with. Neither ATM nor roads! In this village, particularly famed for its honey-gatherers, you can expect wonderful experiences.


  1. Sar Pass Trek


The Sar Pass is one of the most difficult climbs you will ever take as a popular Himalayan snow trip. The trail begins in Kasol and leads to the beautiful Parvatilla area before reaching Barshaini, along the wide landscape route past the valley.


For all passionate travelers who like to backpack and are prepared for the rough terrain, trekking is a challenge. The Sar Pass opens beautiful green valleys to snow-covered tracks perfectly built of several types of terrain.


  1. Kalga Trek


The beautiful views of Kalga are now attracted by a number of walkers who enjoy exploring picturesque areas and hidden gems. As people do not visit it regularly, one can spend time in solitude and rest in the wild.


Although it is an uphill walk, it is not hard to reach Kalga because the trail is clear of major obstacles. The three less recognized villages here, but the greatest spot to stay for peace of mind are Kalga, Pulga, and Tulga. This route leads you also to the famed Kheerganga trek, although only a few people opt for it because of its low popularity.


  1. Rudranag Trek


On its way to Kheerganga is Rudranag Falls. This trail crosses stony plains and extremely uneven trails, making Rudranag one of Kasol’s most strenuous hikes. The Rudranag Falls are sharp and steep and the attraction near Kasol is the most charming.


To be correct, a walk to Rudranag is a mix of difficult roads and greenery. The trek can begin from Pulga, which will be at Kheerganga Trek’s beginning point.


  1. Kheerganga Trek


One of the most challenging climbs in the Himalayan Kheerganga region is thought to be the mythical land in which Lord Shiva has spent thousands of years meditating. Two routes – Rurdanag and Kalga – Pulga – can be traveled to Kheerganga – the unbelievable Himalayan refuge at 9700 feet. The two roads are distracting from Barshaini.


After strolling through the dense pine forest, passing several streams, and immersing yourself in the wonder of nature you can climb the way. Be aware of the interesting and challenging road of Rudranag whereas Kalga is flatter without trees, more cafés, and more resting spots.


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