Types of Auto Accidents You Can Get A Claim For!

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Car accidents are quite common nowadays, and increasing traffic, drunk and absent-minded drivers is one of the core reasons accident attorney.

Car accidents are of many types, moving car collisions, stationary car collisions, and pedestrians. They can happen anywhere and at any time. Some may result in minor injuries, and some can result in permanent damage.

This is why you must know the types of accidents you can file a claim for. If you or anyone you know comes across the same situation, you must consult an accident attorney. 

An accident attorney will help you file a claim for your loss and guide you throughout the process.

You cannot claim for every car accident. There is a certain category of accidents you can file a claim for. A person can receive reimbursement for:-

  • Medical expenses: 

If someone is injured in an accident, they will receive compensation for the medical care. And in case of a grave injury, the cost of future medical care and rehabilitation is also included. An accident attorney will make sure that you get the full compensation.

  • Lost wages:  

If a person is severely injured and can’t go to their old line of work. They will receive full compensation until they have recovered and can return to work.

  • Property damage:

In accidents where the car is completely or partially damaged, you can get money to either repair it or replace it.

Types of accident claims

  • Rear-end collision: 

In this situation, a vehicle crashes into the vehicle in front of it. This is caused by either driving too closely or by distracted driving. Another reason for this situation can be panic stops or the weather conditions. In these situations, a person may suffer from whiplash, which is a forceful thrust forward and back in place.

  • Side-impact collision: 

It happens when one vehicle collides with the side of another vehicle. It happens when one tries to merge into another lane. It can result in victims getting serious injuries due to the absence of safety gears at the side of the car. It id of types:-

  • T bone collision: In this situation, a driver hits the side of a vehicle while turning left. It usually happens when a driver turns without watching the upcoming traffic.
  • Another one is when a driver swipes another vehicle while changing lanes. It may happen if a driver is distracted or sleepy.
  • Vehicle rollover: 

A car rollover is a dangerous situation, and the passengers in it can get grave injuries or die. In this situation, a car rolls over when a driver takes a sharp turn due to high speed or another driver’s behavior. In rollover accidents, a person might get spinal and brain injuries.

A head-on collision occurs when the front of the vehicle collides into the front of another vehicle. This situation may occur due to distracted driving, speeding, and not obeying the traffic signals. It can result in grave injuries like spinal and brain injury, fracture, or death.

Wrapping Up!

If you face any kind of the above-mentioned situation, you can contact an accident attorney, and they will help you to file a claim. Remember, accidents are common, always ensure that you take proper safety precautions!

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