Unlock The Future Of Work With Workplace Security And Productivity


We are experiencing one of the fastest responses to a pandemic. Yes! I am talking about how most businesses bounced back from the defeat of COVID-19 to be on top of their game in the competitive market.

The pandemic came as an emergency, with few businesses still struggling to find their feet in the market due to debts and other financial constraints. Well! We have other businesses doing great already, but that is due to technology and an increased workforce.

The global pandemic made many businesses dump their obsolete ways of doing business transactions for a modern and more effective method which was made possible through technology, the future of work.

The Future Of Work

A few years ago, a picture trended so well on the internet that it got many people talking; in the picture, there was a videographer sitting in a helicopter and was capturing a movie or documentary, which was applauded by many since the money used to rent the helicopter will be quite huge.

A few years later, a drone with a camera was used to capture the same documentary, and that sparked reactions on social media. With only a few years apart, both the videographer and the pilot lost their jobs due to technology.

Does that mean we all are losing our jobs soon? No! It simply means we should keep evolving as the world evolves to stay relevant because the future of work is here, and it is here to stay.

How do you unlock the future of work?

1. Reimagine Your Workplace

We all need to understand that in 10 years, the majority of us might be doing work that doesn’t even exist right now. Don’t get this twisted; I am not talking about building flying cars as seen in most science-fiction movies, but real work.

The technology industry started not quite long ago, and those programmers born in the 1980s will argue when someone tells them they might have a job that didn’t exist during the 1980s. Of course, technology has been around for quite some time, but not like the proper programming of robots and drones like we have today.

You need to understand that in a few years from now most employees will prefer working from home rather than in the office. This is something you should not fight or argue about, but rather embrace it as it is the future of work.

Business owners that will succeed are those that will resist the urge to race their employees back to the office; instead, they should adopt technology like cloud, artificial intelligence, and XR.

2. Enabling The New

You need to accept the fact that your employee’s working environment is part of their enterprise and make sure to adjust it to their desire. By doing this, you will get a better dedication from them all.

Also, your IT teams should do everything in their capacity to ensure that every employee’s laptop is well updated with the latest version of firewalls. They should also consider employees’ network security, and all devices should be linked to the network.

The use of a secure file sharing platform like Massive is strongly advised for the IT teams to ensure premium security and to protect the business’ reputation from all kinds of threats.

If all these are in place, your business will be in a better position to unlock the future of work since maximum security enhances workers’ effectiveness.

3. Cultural Change

The earlier you employ the use of technology for meetings and briefs, the better for your business. Even though most employees might have started working from home with the aid of technology, some might still need to be present occasionally in the physical space.

Now, this might cause an uproar if an emergency comes up and there is a need for meetings. Since your employees are all used to the physical meeting, changing the cultural method to a modern one might prove abortive at first, but there will be a huge win if you adopt it.


The future of work will do nothing but improve the productivity of your employees and enhance your employee’s security.

Imagining the future of work might seem like rocket science, but it is not. It keeps emerging day by day, and trust me; you can’t wait. All the changes you put in place will ensure it works out, so you had better start implementing it now.

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