Use of Clipping Path is a Common Practice in Commercial Product Photography

Product photography is a big industry. The reason it is a big industry is that consumer product is a big business. How big of a market out there for total consumer products is beyond imagination. Since everything revolves around consumer products and no daily need items can be thought of without the categorization of consumer products, practically everything we see around us falls within this umbrella. When any one of these consumer products gets sild on e-commerce marketplace or shops need to be photographed and then edited. The most common editing method that gets used a lot is the use of clipping path editing.

What is clipping path photo editing?

Clipping path photo editing is a very old and widely used photo editing method. With this editing practice, a particular object is selected using the Photoshop pen tool and then isolated from its surrounding. There are various reasons why this clipping path photoshop editing method is used for commercial product photography. One main reason is to isolate the object from its surroundings so that it is made possible to draw more attention to the product itself. Another reason is to isolate the object to make it easier to do further editing.

Long story short, a clipping path is a process of clipping out an object from an image or from its surroundings. Typically, the Adobe Photoshop application is used for clipping paths. However, there are various other photo editing applications that can be used to do clipping paths. What application you will be using depends on your choice and comfort level. Some get used to using one specific application and keep using that application for clipping paths or other types of photo editing.

Use of Photoshop for clipping path

Adobe Photoshop is the most widely used application in the commercial space for photo editing and for photoshop clipping paths. While there are other applications of a similar type such as Paintshop Pro, Corel Draw, GIMP, etc. Adobe Photoshop continues to lead the photo editing industry due to its ease of use and frequent upgrade.

Whether we are talking about a photographer, a photography studio, a photo editing freelancer, or a retouch studio, everyone seems to be using photoshop applications these days for editing images and to clip out an image.

What other editing can be done using Photoshop

Aside from clipping path, there is a wide range of editing that can be done using photoshop. While commercial product photographers or professional retouch studios use this application a lot, even photographers such as wedding photographers, newborn or maternity photographers, corporate photographers, industrial photographers, etc. Also, use this application for photo editing. Even though they do not use it to edit commercial products, fact that they use it for their business makes its commercial use.

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