VanceAI Photo Restorer Can Bring New Life to Old Photos

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VanceAI Photo Restorer Can Bring New Life to Old Photos

The advantage of antique photo restoration is that it can appeal to both professionals and non-professionals. One reason for this is that picture restoration can modernize old damaged photos, such as old family photos or photos made for the sake of recollections. In any case, you can now remove scratches from old images online and use them in a variety of ways. You can save the corrected photographs online, print them again, and share them on social media for personal or marketing purposes, among other things. With the development of photo editing tools like VanceAI Photo Restorer, anyone can restore old photos back to life without any prior training with image editing tools.

Part One: Why should you use an AI Photo Restorer?

Photo restoration can appear to be a hard process to someone who is unfamiliar with using expert software tools such as Photoshop, Luminar, or any other similar product. However, we now have AI picture restoration, which is essentially the technique of photo restoration made automatic. One such example is the AI photo restoration tool from VanceAI, as well as other internet resources like as MyHeritage. These apps have developed algorithms and designs that simply require users to upload an image. The actual restoration is handled by the applications themselves, so users need only wait while the program processes the image for you in seconds.

As a result, historical photo restoration is now widely available to almost everyone. Not to mention that users can restore and use several old photos at the same time using batch processing features. The possible disadvantage is that consumers may not achieve the appropriate level of quality. Despite the fact that many web programs are developed with AI technology, they can nevertheless fail to deliver. Top-tier apps, on the other hand, such as VanceAI and MyHeritage, are noted for their consistency because they are constantly updating their algorithms and user experience. So, if you prefer to save time while getting results, utilize an AI-based tool like

Part 2: How to use VanceAI Photo Restorer to restore old photos?

Let’s walk through the steps of restoring old images with VanceAI’s VanceAI Photo Restorer online tool.

Step 1:  Navigate to AI old photo restoration link to visit the tool’s online page. Scroll down for more information about the tool and its capabilities. Otherwise, proceed by clicking the Upload Image button, which will lead you to the VanceAI Workspace.

Step 2: VanceAI Restorer Workspace is a window that allows you to manage a variety of tasks from a single location. The upload function allows you to upload or drop an image, check image credits, adjust settings, and more. So, after uploading the image, click on the Start to Process button to begin.

Step 3: The image will be processed in a few seconds, and a notification will appear on the Processed tab. Go there and select the Preview option from the list of icons on the right. You can see the before-and-after image there and use the Download Image button to save it to your device.

When it comes to other VanceAI tools, simply repeat these steps because the functionality of practically all VanceAI products is the same.

Part 3: Old photos restored by VanceAI Photo Restorer

Now that we know how to accomplish photo restoration online with the Photo Restorer, let’s improve some old photos and see how they turn out. The picture restorer can not only accomplish face enhancement, but it can also colorize old photos and cure problems, after which you can post them on social media for personal or professional needs.

1. Colorization of an old church

Not only was the old image black and white, but it also featured a lot of image noise. The application processed this photograph in a matter of seconds and produced an excellent result. The colors in the new image appear appropriate because they are uniformly toned and realistic. Not to add that the new image appears to be free of image noise. Furthermore, you can enhance this image even more by using VanceAI’s image enlargement capabilities.

2. Mom and son portrait restored

While this photograph took a few more seconds than the previous one, the end result was fairly nice considering everything. As previously stated, online AI tools may struggle to fix an image completely, but VanceAI does an excellent job anyway. The new picture is as tidy as you’d expect and adds a new level of polish to an already stunning appearance. The updated image does not totally eradicate the damage lines, but it does greatly diminish their impact.

3. Repair and colorize portraits

In this case, the old image was identical to the first in that it had a lot of image noise surrounding the entire image. The application allows users to colorize old images, which they can disable if desired. The new image is a colorized and considerably cleaner version of the previous one. Not to note that, despite the adjustments, the new image retains the artistic sense of the original image. Then it will be helpful for you to post them on social media for personal or professional needs.


We can tell from the sample images above that the VanceAI Photo Restorer is capable of face augmentation as well as cityscapes, portraits, and more. The benefit of using image editors is that they may make your photo gallery adaptable in such a manner that you can utilize the same image in many ways by editing it. This is particularly important for professionals and designers who are continuously looking for new ways to express themselves on social media for personal or professional needs. With a collection of such photographs, you can always add something new to your social networking platforms, brand websites, ecommerce websites, and other platforms.

VanceAI’s Additional Options

VanceAI is a website that offers a variety of picture editing and enhancement solutions based on artificial intelligence. You may do much more than only restore old photos; for example, you can remove backdrops, convert a photo to a sketch or animation, colorize images, and so on. VanceAI Photo Colorizer is one of many VanceAI products that work extremely well with the Photo Restorer in order to best recover an aged photograph. Furthermore, you may use VanceAI Image Enhancer to boost the quality of your images without increasing the resolution. This program is especially good for old photographs with low resolution and quality. In addition, VanceAI boasts another totally free online PDF processing service,

VanceAI is also reasonably priced. The annual plan is $4.99 per month, while the monthly plan is only $9.99 per month. You may also buy 600 image credits directly for $24.99. Aside from that, all VanceAI users receive three picture credits per month, and unlike other online apps, processing one image does not necessarily result in the loss of a whole credit. Overall, VanceAI makes it simple to improve old photos.

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