Ways to Support your favourite NBA Teams

The NBA is perhaps the most important event for the basketball community. People over the world take time off to fervently follow their favorite teams through each season. A big fan following also means more merchandise in the market, allowing fans to support their favorite teams in more ways than one. Whether someone roots for the LA Lakers or the Boston Celtics, everyone falls under the same NBA banner!


Here’s a guide to how anyone can support their favorite team both on and off-season.


Every diehard fan has a favorite player. One of the best ways to support the team is by purchasing and wearing a player’s jersey. Wearing this jersey to a trip to the game would be perfect, but casually wearing it can also help meet those with similar interests!

While one can win jerseys at games, it is always better to purchase them beforehand. Looking for legitimate merchandise is not very difficult because the price tag usually says it all.

Keychains and Car Stickers

Cars take their drivers everywhere, and there’s no better way to support the teams than to take them along on long drives. Having a team bumper sticker and a cute matching keychain completes the set!

Having an entire set of driving basketball merch can also help one expand their favorite team’s fan base!


It never fails to be sunny in Australia, and there is no better way to save the skin than using caps. Merchandise includes any wearable item, and wearing NBA teams is a great way to make a fashion statement.

Apart from just logos, they also come in different base colors, making them trendy and unique!

Exercise Wear

Almost every sports fan dedicates a considerable amount of time to fitness. By purchasing exercise wear, one can find people with similar interests. Exercise sessions don’t have to be silent and monotonous. Having a few friends who enjoy the NBA can make it better!

A Trip to the Games

Every season, fans over the world travel and purchase tickets to witness the games. Many players draw inspiration from their fans and seeing a sea of fans cheering lifts their spirits. Taking the time and effort to be physically present at matches (after the COVID-19 pandemic allows it) is perhaps the best way to announce one’s support.

Cheering Gear

Before heading to the games, remember to purchase or make team banners and pom-poms. Cheering is not nearly as loud and fun without these items. To have a complete fan experience, don’t forget to carry a full cheer gear set!

Which team should you Support?

The NY Knicks, The LA Lakers, and The GS Warriors are only some of the most popular teams. However, with most fans not linked to any state, how does one pick a team to support?

While fair-weather fans exist, choosing a team translates into commitment through their highs and lows. To begin, one must look past favorite players. Looking into a team’s history is crucial, and through this, one should assess if the team’s goals match theirs.

For others, it might be a first-sight emotional connection. Nevertheless, fans pride themselves on knowledge of the past, and knowing about NBA history can be beneficial!

For example, the San Antonio Spurs are relatively classy and timeless. However, if you like a gritty underdog-winning story, the Miami Heat might be the perfect team.

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