What are the Common Types of Residential Roofing

The type of roof is an essential material used to create the top of any house or apartment. The type of roof present in a house is one of the primary highlights of real estate listings. Why? The reason is simple, the type of roof plays a significant role when you decide to purchase it. 

Further, the different types of roof options also add to the element of luxury. Several types of roofs match with different kinds of accessories. If you want your roof to look exclusive and luxurious, you have to consider the materials used to create the top. We have listed the 5 most common types of residential roofing in this article.

Common Residential Roofing:

1.Wood and Cedar shingles:

You can choose wood shake shingles if you prefer the green-friendly residential roofing choice. You can construct using recycled or harvested wood to create a wood shake shingle roof. The wood shake is a highly preferred choice in an environmentally sound way as these are stable and last for more than 30 years. Wood shake is a solid investment for house-owners. The material of wood shake produces a minor impact on the water run-off quality.

You can also choose a cedar roof if you want to cut down on expenses. The materials of a cedar roof can decrease your cooling and heating expenses. Cedarwood is known to be a natural insulator. You have to hire good and experienced contractors to install a cedar roof as it is difficult. A cedar roof is expensive, but the energy efficiency and durability will be worth the price.

2.Metal roofing:

The materials of metal residential roofing are low maintenance and nature-friendly. Nowadays, metal roofs are highly feasible and becoming common as they are lightweight. 

You have to repaint it if it starts to become dull and loses its shine. You have to hire an experienced roof installer as it might get tricky to install metal roofs. You can customize metal roofs into any color.  

3. Slate shingles:

Slate shingles are a sophisticated, sober, and appealing type of roof. Slate is unable to rot, which gives you the advantage of a waterproof feature. These shingles have had a life for more than 100 years. Slate shingles are heavy and need to be installed by professionals.

4. Ceramic tiles:

If you take proper care of ceramic tiles, you can enjoy them for more than 70 years. Ceramic tiles are popular because of the durability and uniqueness it brings to your home. You can consider pairing ceramic tile with copper rain gutters. 

Ceramic tiles are installed because they overlap and do not let the water get inside the house. Ceramic tiles should be installed in geographic areas where the weather is pretty constant. Massive winds can bring damage to ceramic tiles.

5. Asphalt shingles:

Asphalt shingles are the most popular when it comes to residential roofing. Most homeowners are roofers who prefer Asphalt shingles. These are eco-friendly and easy to install. It is suitable at a range of temperatures. Asphalt shingles are pretty durable and not very costly. It comes in several colors and styles.


As you have read multiple times that shingles are tough to install, you have to reach out to a professional roofer to get help. These were the common types of residential roofing that we shortlisted. There are other types of roofs that you can pair with gutter accessories to decorate your home.


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