What are the Important Things to Consider Before Buying an Excavator?


Buying a heavy machine isn’t a decision you take in one go. Heavy-duty construction machines are highly-priced, and therefore, many people prefer to rent them instead of purchasing them. Whether you are considering buying a new excavator or a used one, you should do your homework first so that you can make a wise and informed decision. In this article, you’ll be reading some questions and their answers to figure out how to buy a decent machine. So, without further ado, scroll down to read further.

Why do you need an excavation machine?

Excavation machines are divided into three categories depending on their size and the purpose they can solve. Before you invest in a machine, you need to understand the purpose of buying it. Don’t just think about one project at a time; consider the type of work you’ll be doing for the next five years and what attachments you’ll need along with the excavation machine. Hammers, rippers, and couplers are some standard tools purchased along with excavation machines.

Are there any cracks and bends?

If you buy a new machine, you won’t probably find any damage. However, if you buy a used or a pre-owned machine, there are high chances that you might find a crack, dent or bend in the machine. You should particularly look at the undercarriage. If there are any signs of damage, the machine has not been used carefully. Also, any signs of cracks in the boom and stick should immediately be investigated, as they might need a replacement.

Check on any leaks in the machine

If you detect a leak in the cylinders, lines, or hydraulic pump compartment of the machine, it is guaranteed that you will face trouble while operating the machine. Therefore, you should carefully check all portions of the machine to check any leaks before investing in it.

Closely look at the slew ring

The slew ring of an excavator is the most expensive part to replace. It is crucial to check whether the slew ring is intact and has not been damaged. It is not necessary that the ring is broken, but it should have enough lubrication to perform its function. The chances of getting a damaged slew ring are high when you buy a pre-used machine. Be careful about what you choose, and pay attention to the details.

Do you have faith in the dealer?

The most essential question that you need to ask yourself is whether you have faith in the dealer or not. You can find plenty of dealers online, but do you think that they are worth your time, money and trust?

While you shortlist dealers on the Internet, ensure that you only pick registered and certified companies. Furthermore, it would help if you read reviews about the dealer on consumer forums, social media sites, and websites. Check with the dealer if they can provide you with reference contact information to do a quick background check.

Along with this, you should also get a quotation from the companies you shortlist. Compare the price that each of them is quoted, and then run a machine check to understand whether the price justifies the quality. No company will demand an advance before its customer has complete satisfaction. So, do not fall prey to firms that ask for advance payments. Carefully research and do your homework before taking a final call.

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