What Can You Use a Container Shelter For?

container shelter

Have you ever wondered what container shelters could do for your next project? 

There are many uses for a container shelter, whether it be for construction to aviation applications, these dome shaped structures offer several benefits. At Allshelter, we provide a wide range of Australian-made container shelters, suitable for all of your needs. 

Working Environments 

Container domes and shelters are commonly used for working environments, a faultless weather-proof shelter solution for any kind of activity. Container shelters are designed to protect workers and equipment from harsh external forces, whether it be rain, sun or wind. The fabric shelter provides natural lighting and ventilation which is ideal for a working environment. The colour combination of white exterior and interior maximises light transmission like no other conventional steel structure and thus, electrical lighting is not required. Our fabric shelter covers attach to the top of the containers, meaning equipment and people are protected from Australia’s harsh weather conditions. 

If you are looking for a lockable dome shelter for your working environment, container shelters would be the perfect choice.

Heavy Industrial Use

These igloo shelters can also be used for heavy industrial purposes, allowing workers to stack multiple shipping container shelters. The clear-span design eliminates the need for interior columns which ultimately maximises storage   area. Multiple container shelters can be joined together to provide ample storage space and protect your assets. These heavy duty shelters have a 50 year design life, suitable for all weather conditions and are a low maintenance solution for heavy industrial applications. 

Warehouse for Your Needs  

Container roof shelters are easily customisable and can be used as an ultra-secure warehouse space for your requirements. Container domes and shelters can be transformed into a warehouse to store aviation aircraft, construction materials, heavy-duty equipment and many more items. As container shelters are easy to install, they can also be shifted around a site and dismantled for your next project. Extra features like doorways and endwalls can be installed for extra security to keep your valuables safe. Allshelter offers different sized container shelters, with shelters ranging from a 20ft size to a 40 x 40ft container shelter.  Extra length can be achieved by connecting these shipping containers together, meaning you have various configurations to work with!

Protection From The Elements

Construction projects can be greatly affected by weather conditions, making sites inaccessible and heavy equipment could be damaged. This is particularly unsafe for workers as the siteground becomes muddy and slippery from rain, making it difficult to carry tools or materials around the construction site. If the construction site is affected by these weather conditions, the completed work would be destroyed leading to construction delays. The time and money invested into these projects would also go to waste. Construction companies use container shelters to hold daily toolbox meetings no matter the weather conditions and ensure the staff are protected from the elements. During summer, workers can also park their vehicles under the shelter and perform activities like changing the tires whilst protecting the equipment from the hot weather.

Luckily, container shade shelters can be used to protect staff and provide an ideal working space for any construction site. Container dome shelters can withstand winds up to and over 300km/h, meaning you will not need to worry about removing these covers during windy periods or even under cyclonic conditions. 


At Allshelter, we use PE fabric for all of our structures, which is made up of high-density weaves and low density coating. PE fabric covers work better than other types of covers as it’s more resistant to salt, abrasion from sand, straw and dust. The weave is produced in a special pattern to enhance flatness, tear properties and abrasion resistance. Moreover, the thick interior coating can handle the abrasion which extends the life of the shelter substantially.

Container shelters and domes are a cost-effective way for construction sites as machinery will be protected even in the harshest conditions. It is a huge relief not having to worry about the equipment getting damaged by natural elements. 

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