What causes a numb vagina?


A numb vaginal area does not indicate that you are broken. It also does not make you any less of a lady. It does, however, indicate your current connection with your femininity. Furthermore, it reflects society’s overall connection with female sexuality. Acceptance and exploration of female pleasure is a relatively recent concept that is challenging vaginal shame, which teaches us that “down there” is a dark and nasty area.

Thus, the vagina feels numb is mostly the result of social conditioning that devalues a woman’s sexuality. Rape culture does not help, since news of physical assault is often publicized, and the female body seems to be in constant danger. It’s understandable for a woman to want to distance herself from her sexuality, yet the pelvic floor is where her power lives. It’s also where she gets her kicks.

Nonetheless, 90 percent of women report experiencing orgasm via sexual stimulation, but just a small percentage do so by vaginal penetration alone. Men orgasm more readily than women, according to research, but this isn’t something you should embrace without first attempting to debunk it. Much of the effort required to re-sensitize a numb vagina is unlearning everything you’ve been taught about your sexual anatomy. If you have a strong sexual desire and are readily aroused, but still feel nothing in your vagina, you just need to take the time to identify your blockages and hot spots. Furthermore, your barriers may not be biological.

Are my vagina numbers wrong?

The overarching themes transmitted in movies, the media, and porn all present sex and the female body in ways that are difficult to reconcile with reality. This may be upsetting and perplexing, causing many women to feel they have sexual dysfunction. Even the most loyal and attentive lover will struggle to persuade you differently if you are unable to perceive yourself as a sexual creature. Because our bodies and their natural functions have been stigmatized for so long, it may be difficult to decondition ourselves. Consider finding safe places and groups that appreciate the female body in all of its variations for yourself.

If you feel disconnected from your body, particularly your vagina, this sexual reaction might be a kind of subconscious defense. During a sexual interaction, a woman may exhibit her body without exposing herself emotionally or intellectually. However, psychological and physiological arousal cannot be distinguished

Can my vagina be traumatized?

A female sexual arousal problem is defined by the medical profession as poor libido and a lack of feeling. This, however, is not invariably a medical problem. When a woman gets aroused, blood flow to her clitoris and vulva rises, promoting vaginal lubrication and enlargement in preparation for penetration. If you are entered before you are ready, the vagina tenses, and repeated tensing may result in a numb vagina—but you can heal this damage by regaining your faith in your body’s capacity to experience pleasure without suffering.

Premature penetration, whether consented to or not, may have an effect on your mental and emotional attitude toward sex, as well as your body’s physical reaction to it. In reality, any traumatic event related to the pelvic floor, such as loss, hard delivery, or an emotionally wounded relationship, may leave energy scars that harm vaginal nerve endings.

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