What do blue light glasses do?

Blue light glasses

Sometimes, you may feel like your eyes feel dry and tired after spending hours looking at your computer screen or mobile phone. Also, some people experience headaches and blurry vision after concentrating on a digital screen for an extended period. If you experience any of these symptoms, you are not alone in this. The reason behind this blurry vision and tiredness is the blue light emitted by digital screens. This light has several effects, including strain on the eyes, watery eyes or dryness, irritation, headache, and overall tiredness. 

Our lifestyle and mode of work mean that there are no possible ways to stop using digital devices. But there is a way to escape the negative consequences of this blue light on our health. The answer to this problem is blue light glasses that come with specialized lenses to block blue light. These lenses have a coating that reflects the blue light before it reaches the eye surface. This filtration helps reduce the strain on the eyes and eliminates the side effects. 

How Does Blue Light Affect the Eyes?

Blue light falls in the visible spectrum of the light and all digital screens emit it. This light has a short wavelength which means that it has high energy compared to other light waves. Contrary to popular belief, only digital screens do not emit blue light. The visible light of the sun also consists of this light, and it can damage the eyes. 

Blue light alerts the brain and keeps it on high alert. It means that over-exposure to this light can also disrupt the sleep cycle. Apart from that, blurry vision causes the eyes to fatigue. The solution to avoid this problem is blue light glasses that filter out these harmful rays before reaching the eye. You can also buy blue light glasses with your prescription lenses for crisp vision at all times. 

Blue Light not only strains the eyes but also causes hormonal imbalance. It disrupts the amount of melanin released in the body. This hormone regulates the sleep cycle and an imbalance can lead to a lack of sleep during the night. So, prolonged exposure to this light can cause poor sleep at night, which means that you wake up tired the next day. A solution to this problem is blue light protection glasses to avoid this light from reaching the eyes. 

How Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

Blue light glasses come with a thin coating that filters the blue light. When you are sitting in front of a digital screen, the light directly hits the eye surface. Meanwhile, these lenses protect the eye and reflect this blue light in another direction. This phenomenon helps prevent the light from reaching the eye. So, these glasses can lower the stress on eye muscles and keep you relaxed during hours of workload. Most of the days, you spend 10-12 hours in front of a computer screen and that increased due to the ongoing pandemic. During the coronavirus pandemic, many people started working from home, which caused damage to the eyes due to the prolonged use of digital devices. 

The innovative technology of blue light glasses is the perfect way to save from deteriorating vision. Blue light has several side effects on the eyes, including fatigue, blurriness, tiredness, strain, and poor vision. These symptoms can cause the eyesight to become worse over time by continued exposure to this light. Therefore, these glasses can help minimize the consequences of using mobiles and laptops for hours. 

Blue Light Protection Sunglasses

As described previously, blue light not only emits from a screen but exists around us as well. Your eyes gain exposure to this light every time you step out of the house. So, blue light sunglasses can help overcome this problem and provide protection against this light. You can also opt for blue light protection sunglasses in Pakistan at reasonable rates. The tinted lenses of these blue light sunglasses reflect the harmful light rays and protect the eyes. 

Most people know about the harmful effects of UV rays and opt for ultraviolet rays protective sunglasses. Meanwhile, blue light can also damage eye health with consistent strain. So, look for a blue light filter on your shades to gain maximum protection against the sun rays. 

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