What Does It Mean To Be An Alcohol User?

There have been many different terms used to describe alcoholism. It’s commonly referred to today as alcohol dependence disorder.

This happens when you drink enough alcohol to become dependent or addicted. When this happens, alcohol is the most important thing you have in your life.

People with an alcohol use disorder continue to drink even when they experience negative consequences like losing their job or the destruction of relationships with those they love. They might know that alcohol use has negative consequences in their lives but this doesn’t always mean they stop drinking.

Some people may be unable to stop drinking alcohol, even if they have problems. This was previously known as an abuse of alcohol.


What Are The Causes Of Addiction?

Uncertainty is the cause of alcohol dependence disorder. Alcohol use disorder is caused by excessive alcohol consumption. These chemical changes can lead to increased pleasure and enjoyment from alcohol. This makes it easier to drink, even when it causes harm.

The enjoyable feelings associated with alcohol drinking eventually diminish and the person with alcohol misuse disorder will resume alcohol consumption to combat withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms can become very severe and even fatal.

Alcohol use disorder is usually gradual in development. It’s also well-known to be a family issue.


What Risks Are There?

Although the cause of alcohol addiction disorder is unknown at this time, some things can increase your risk of developing it.

These are some of the known risk factors.

  • For males, you shouldn’t drink more than 15 glasses per week
  • Females shouldn’t consume more than 12 alcohol per week
  • A binge-drinking habit of having more than five drinks per day at least once a month (binge drinking).
  • A parent who is suffering from an alcohol dependence disorder
  • Also, you may be more at risk for alcohol addiction if:
  • You are a young adult who is under peer pressure
  • Have low self-esteem
  • You may experience high levels of stress
  • You can live in a culture and family that allows alcohol use.
  • Have a family member with an alcohol addiction disorder



A person with an alcohol addiction will have symptoms People who have an alcohol dependence disorder might engage in these behaviors:

  • Alcoholic drinking by itself
  • High tolerance is when you drink more to feel the effects.
  • When they are asked about their drinking habits, they often become violent or irritable
  • Do not eat badly or avoid eating
  • It is easy to neglect personal hygiene
  • Drinking has caused you to miss work and school.
  • Unable to control your alcohol intake
  • Make excuses to drink
  • It is possible to continue drinking even if you have legal, financial, or social problems
  • You have to give up certain social, occupational, or recreation activities due to alcohol consumption


Is It Possible To Drink Less?

Addiction treatment centers offer more in-depth self-tests. These tests can help to assess if you use alcohol.

Your doctor, or any other healthcare provider, can diagnose alcohol misuse disorder. They will do a physical and ask you about your drinking habits.

Your doctor might ask if you’re:

  • You shouldn’t drive if you’re drunk
  • Drinking has led to you missing work or a loss of a job.
  • Need more alcohol to feel “drunk”?
  • Your drinking may have caused blackouts.
  • Have tried to reduce your drinking but could not.

A diagnosis of an alcohol use disorder does not usually require any other diagnostic test.

A liver condition called alcoholism can cause permanent and severe damage. Your liver is responsible for removing toxins. Your liver works harder to remove alcohol from your bloodstream if you drink too much. This can lead directly to liver disease and other complications.

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