What Equipment Do You Need For Lash Extensions?

eyelash extension supplies

The lash extension has been entirely around the town serving like hotcakes. This process certainly has some designated tools that the lash artists require to function efficiently. Today we have listed a few must-have eyelash extension supplies along with the reason to have them. Have a look!

  • Lash Tweezers

Tweezers are an essential tool for lashing. You must have two pairs of tweezers to perform a lash service. Why so? Well, the first set of tweezers, isolation tweezers, is precisely for “isolating” each natural lash to confirm a clean application. This implies that no other natural lash or extension besides the one being applied will stick to your chosen natural lash. Isolation tweezers function to single out your natural lash of preference for a perfect application. They are ergonomically developed to confirm this.

Lashing tweezers are the nest set that would be operated to pick up and apply for the extensions. These tweezers can be straight or L-shaped, or curved, the one used for volume lashes.

  • High-Quality Lashes

Well, an eyelash extension does require quality lashes; otherwise, what’s the point of lash extension? Quality eyelash extension supplies are essential as clients would be wearing them all day long, and thus, it wouldn’t be difficult for them to notice if you choose cheaper ones. So invest in quality ones that will hold their curl while still looking natural.

  • Eyelash Extension Tape

You may be wondering, “tape? Why tape?” The tape is employed before lashing to hold down obstinate bottom lashes. Without tape, lower lashes mix up with the upper lashes, resulting in a client’s eye getting glued shut. That’s simply not good. Hence using medically safe tape that’s mild enough to employ around the tender eye area is best.

  • Lash Brushes

Having these brushes is imperative if you want to keep your service lashes upright, in order, and isolated. Without brushing your lashes, they might fully adhere at a peculiar angle, or worse, stick together! Lash brushes are suitable for multiple reasons, but their number one objective is to ensure everything stays separated. You might dash into a sticky concern that a lash brush can’t bring you out of, but 90% of the time your lash brushes will have your back.

  • Primer and Micro brushes

We can’t hold every retention aspect, but we can use a primer. Primer ensures that all waste and lubricants are stripped from the lashes before application; thus, you need primer brushes in the process. This will create a massive difference in your client’s retention, mainly because we don’t know what they do or how they minister their lashes once they step out the door. It is up to them to observe the guidelines for optimal retention.

  • Eyelash Adhesive

The adhesive is legit, the thing that would hold everything in one place. Research your options in Adelaide lash Supplies to ensure you have a quality one ready for every single service.

Bottom Line

Lashing isn’t easy. But this should make it more accessible to track down must-have eyelash extension supplies. So fetch the quality ones to start your lashing journey — happy lashing! 

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