What Is A Blocked Drain Plumber & How To Unblock A Pipe?

Blocked Drain Plumber Adelaide

A blocked drain is one of the homeowners’ most common plumbing problems. It can cause a lot of flooding in your home and can even lead to structural damage. If you’re having problems with your drains, don’t wait-call a Dead Short Electrical! Here are some tips on unblocking a pipe without causing any damage.

Several Varieties Of Clogged Drains

In most cases, only one of these problems will affect your home at once. The worst-case scenario is having multiples, but it is also extremely uncommon. Therefore, here are some suggestions by an expert blocked drain plumber in Adelaide:

Tree roots clog the drain.

That falls under the dreadful category of blocked drains. The result is that a tree root enters your pipe through a tiny gap, grows inside the tube, and finally obstructs it.

Obstructed drain from alien objects

The most frequent issue is clogged drains. Many factors, like a build-up of dirt and grime and hair from either the shower, an excess of toilet paper, food leftovers down the drains sink, and too much toilet roll, can cause this.

Crooked drain

That may occur if the pipe gets made for underground drainage. Uncomfortably, poor installation is the primary cause of the majority of mismatched tubes. It can affect the species’ diversity if mistreated.

Pipe breaking

Older pipes are more prone to collapsing and generating all kinds of problems due to ageing, earth disturbances, industrial equipment, and things on the surface of the grass.

Drain Camera

The Drainage Camera, please. These tiny tools enable the plumber to see areas where no one else can. Small cams are placed gravely into the pipe to determine the source of the problem.

How To Open A Clogged Drain?

After determining the issue’s cause, it’s time to consider the approaches needed to solve it.

Branch Roots

Slowly put the drainage shaft into the pipeline to break up the root, then spray down a type of water jetter to finish the job. Afterward, you can use the camera to see if it’s all gone or if you still get to use the drill.

Foreign Things

It gets always advised to start by attempting to use a plunger. Sometimes, this force or suction is sufficient to remove the obstruction and restore the water’s ability to flow freely.

Breakages or misaligned drains

A drain cam gets commonly used to define the destination of the cracking or convergence. Pipe relining can start once a break or imbalance gets located. 

Pipe Failure

A collapsed pipe needs to get repaired as soon as it gets discovered. Getting to the issue sometimes requires cutting through concrete blocks or patios. Digging down to a segment of a damaged pipe is the only way to repair it. 

Settlement of Soil

If it gets found that pipes cause your blocked drains with no inclination or negative slope, a complete resetting of such lines is required.  


Your drains may have to get blocked for a long, but now you can fix them with the right tips and tricks. Blocked drains can be frustrating, especially when it comes to home renovations. Blocked Drain Plumber Adelaide is here 24/7, ready to help and fix your plumbing problem. Call the above company, and we will send a blocked drain plumber over immediately!

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