What should you know about Whiskey Bottle

Whiskey Bottle

What is whiskey

Whiskey is an alcohol poison which leads a person to fatal condition. It is the alcohol made up of variety of grains such as wheat, barley, corn, maize and rye. These grains will go through the process of malting and then fermenting process. It has a large percentage of alcohol in it. There are many types of whiskey bottle available in market depends on its production.

How whiskey negatively effects human health

Like other Alcohols whiskey also has numerous negative effects on health. We all know that Alcohol is an addictive drink. When you start consuming alcohol you are more likely to take it regularly and being addictive to it. Daily intake of whiskey will elevates the level of Alcohol in your blood which leads you to different illness.

Side effects of using whiskey

Excessive use of Alcohol not only destroys human health but it also weaken the metabolism of body. Alcohol consumption give the immediate effect on human health and over time it may lead to the development of chronic diseases.

Given below are some of the side effects of taking whiskey

  • It may causes high blood pressure and high cholesterol which lead to heart diseases.
  • Due to excessive drinking liver can get completely damage and disrupts it’s normal activities.
  • Liver cirrhosis.
  • Cancer of mouth, throat, liver, colon and pancreas. Breast cancer in women.
  • Stroke leads to sudden death.
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Weakening of the immune system.
  • Loss of memory
  • Decline in cognitive health.
  • Loss of balance
  • People can lose track
  • Disruption in normal activities.
  • Aggressive behavior due to impaired judgments.
  • Injuries such as accident during driving.
  • Sexual abuse
  • Miscarriage is common with pregnant women.
  • Suicidal risks.
  • Strong addiction
  • Social problems.

Interference with other diseases and medication

Alcoholic drink can be life threatening, if it is taken by the person who are already suffering with the conditions such as liver disease, impairment of pancreas, hemorrhagic disorders and any cancerous stages.

Who should strongly avoid taking whiskey

Whiskey and other alcohols when reacts with certain medicine give severe reaction to our body. A person who are medically suggested to take anticoagulant, antihistamines, antidepressants, beta-blockers, sleeping pills, and pain relievers should have not take whiskey.

Use of whiskey can ruin personality

It takes a long time to make a personality out of the crowd, a lot of struggle is required to be successful personality. But a bad habit can ruin it all. Excessive consumption of alcohol gradually loss some ones personality.


Conclusively whiskey can produce great harm to your health, its not a sudden onset of diseases but setting the chain reaction of several damaging effects on a healthy body.

We should take serious attention towards what to take in diet, give strong caution to yourself to not to take whiskey. Compromising behavior towards health may lead to the serious destruction and illness to the body.

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