When Should We Consult an Auto Accident Lawyer?

auto accident lawyer!

Do you know someone who is suffering from heavy financial and medical blows after an auto accident? Or are you the car accident victim yourself? You must be wondering whether it’s the right time to hire an auto accident lawyer!

It’s sad how so many people struggle to get the claim approvals they deserve. That’s because the insurance companies often provide minimal settlement amounts that are only a fraction of a huge medical expense!

These insurance companies sometimes even trick policyholders to sign the required contracts in a hurry, without allowing them to read all the terms and conditions. As a result, it’s only the car accident victims that suffer!

If you believe your insurance company has tricked you, it’s time to hire an experienced auto accident lawyer to reserve your rights and receive the maximum claims you are entitled to. Tread on to learn when is the right time to consult an attorney.

When Should You Hire an Auto Accident Attorney?

Although not everyone may need to consult an attorney after a car accident, the following situations may require one.

  1. Your accident is severe and you are having troubles with your insurance company.
  2. The accident has caused significant injuries to either you or a third party.
  3. The accident involves a crash that involves other people, including other motorists, cars, cyclists, truck drivers, or pedestrians.
  4. An accident wherein no particular fault can be established.
  5. The collision occurred in a school zone.
  6. If an accident involves an uninsured or underinsured driver.
  7. The crash occurred in a work zone or construction area.
  8. In cases when you disagree with the police reports.
  9. Whenever the insurance provider gives you a set of confusing or mixed answers in an attempt to reduce or reject the claims that the victim has signed for.

Important Steps You Should Take After an Auto Accident

Try to follow these first and foremost steps after getting injured in an auto accident to ensure you deserve the compensation. If you cannot do so yourself due to serious injuries, ask your family members to do so at the earliest.

Call the emergency helpline number

Call the emergency number, report the accident, and provide as many details as possible. It will alert both the medical departments and the local police officials. Without informing them, it’s hard to get claim approvals.

Gather Solid Evidence

To prove your case, you may need to showcase as much proof as possible, in the form of eyewitness information, pictures of license plates of the faulty person, traffic patterns, the extent of damage caused to the vehicle, intersections, and other valuable information.

Having smartphones at hand, it’s easier to take the required snapshots instantly. All such evidence would make your lawyer’s task easier while establishing a fault.

Hire a Lawyer

Finally, you need to consult a professional auto accident lawyer who can provide you with the required support. As mentioned above, insurance companies will always try to reduce the claim settlement amounts and liabilities. Having the guidance of an accident attorney will help build a stronger case in your support.

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