Why Enzyme Cleaners are the Best Option for Pet Owners

As a pet owner, you’re always seeking the best products to keep your home clean and free from your furry friend’s dirt and debris. While you love your pet, you also want to maintain a healthy and clean home. As well as helping those who live inside the property, it also helps to keep your home presentable for all guests.

Long story short, you need enzyme cleaners in your home…and this article will break down why.

What are Enzyme Cleaners?

First and foremost, enzyme cleaners are products that use enzymes in the formula to break down and clear stains from upholstery and other materials. As macromolecular biological catalysts, the theory is that these products increase the speed of chemical reactions to benefit those who want a clean home. Different types of enzymes clear different types of stains, and the products are ideal for pet owners.

Benefits of Enzyme Cleaners

You know what enzyme cleaners are, but why are they the best option for pet owners?

Effective Stain and Odour Removal

How can you ignore the stain removal aspect of cleaners when this is their primary goal? Often, pet owners get so distracted by all sorts of promises with scent and other components that they forget about the actual cleaning. When your fluffy friend leaves an unwanted present, the enzyme formulas in these products will remove the stain with ease.

Why is this important? Apart from the obvious, the fact that enzyme cleaners also remove the odor means that your pet is less likely to return to the same spot and use it as a toilet. When you only cover up the scent, your pet is likely to return, and this is where habits develop. Enzyme cleaners remove the stain while also removing the odour.

Work on Tough Stains

As well as effectively cleaning simple stains, enzyme cleaners typically have a range that exceeds all standard cleaners. Thanks to the clever formulas, these products can penetrate deeply and get into those difficult-to-reach spots that you tend to ignore with standard cleaners.

Long-Term Effects

Next, another reason to love enzyme cleaners is that they continue cleaning long after you’ve finished using the product. As a biological cleaner, the enzymes can continue working 72 hours after you use the product (and sometimes even longer than this!). Over this time, the enzymes will continue to eliminate bacteria and ensure that the area stays clean. If you want to reactivate the enzymes, simply add a bit of water. Once again, this is another way to keep your pet away from specific areas after leaving an unwanted gift.

Green Solution

Finally, those with an eye on the planet will also love that enzyme cleaners are typically seen as a green solution. Why? Because they have neutral pH levels and avoid the harsh chemicals used in most other cleaners. What’s more, any waste consumed by enzyme cleaners is converted into water and carbon dioxide. Unlike other products, they don’t kill anything or affect wastewater.

All in all, these various benefits mean that enzyme cleaners are a green solution. Therefore, those who thought that there was a compromise between efficacy and the planet are proved wrong. You can have a solution that is good for the planet and removes tough stains, and the proof is with enzyme cleaners.

Enzyme cleaners, like those from PetLab, clean for many hours, offer a green solution, are effective at removing odors as well as stains, and work on the toughest of stains. Why not get started with a product today?

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