Why Is Organic Search Traffic So Important?

Traffic is a constant thought if you have a website. Most of us spend at least an hour analyzing how many visitors a page has attracted.

It’s funny that, despite being obsessed about how many visitors we get, we often take a passive approach when it comes to attracting them. This is a good thing, since you can’t force anyone else to visit your site — at least not legally.

Contrary to what Google wants us to believe, it’s not as easy as saying “create high-quality content and readers will come.”

Any web development and design company will tell you that traffic and visibility are essential if you want your business to grow. Scaling a business without a steady flow of traffic is difficult to say the best.

Consistent traffic leads to consistent leads and leads lead to new customers. What is the best way to get more people to your website (willingly)?

Answer: Organic search and organic traffic are the two sides to this question.

What is Organic Traffic?

People search for your keyword in Google. They then click on the organic (non-paid!) listing. Organic search traffic is generated by every visitor who lands on your site via a search engine result page (SERP).

Search engines are essential. Google is used by most people multiple times per day. This applies to both your 10-year-old nephew and your 65-year old neighbor next door.

Search engines are widely used because they offer an almost endless amount of information. Even though we can recall a time when search engines didn’t exist, it’s hard to imagine life without them.

Despite their vast experience with search engines, most people aren’t “proficient” at searching.

It is essential that your website ranks high in search results. Knowing how search engines work can help you get there faster.

However, it is difficult to rank high in search engines, especially in highly competitive industries. Many marketers and website owners choose the pay per click (PPC), route.

PPC is a good option. PPC can be very effective if you want to increase your website’s visibility in a matter of hours. But, once you stop paying you are out.

Organic search traffic, on the other hand, is long-lasting and can help you keep your site high in search engines for a long time.

The Crucial Benefits of Organic Search Traffic

Organic search traffic offers many other benefits to your overall marketing strategy.

These are the top benefits we see:

  1. It brings in qualified prospects
  2. It is sustainable and cost-effective

To conclude

All the money you spend on building organic search traffic will stay online and continue to bring in returns over time.

Your social media posts, blog posts, guest posting service, or other online assets will all be there for you. As time passes, some will continue to increase in value.

Once an ecosystem is built, it takes over and propels itself forward without your intervention.

As your return increases, your cost per visitor to organic search is lower. This cumulative effect is essential for online marketing strategies.

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