Windows and Doors Markham: Installing a Pre Hung Door

Prehung Windows

Regardless of whether your house is traditional or modern, the replacement of windows and doors Markham changes the entire appearance of the house. There are some considerations you should make before deciding the door to use to replace your old door. The door design, the material for the door, your budget, and the size of the door are some of the factors that you should consider.

Pre-hung doors that come when already fixed to a frame are some of the most common doors available when you want to replace your door. When doing doors and windows replacement Markham, you are advised to choose the units carefully. The following are the steps that you should follow to replace your old door with a pre-hung door.

1. Remove The Old Door

Firstly, you will need to assemble the materials you need for the entire process. You will need a hammer, nails, caulk, drill screws, and a drip cap. You will then start by removing the screws off the hinges that are holding the door. After removing the screws, the door will be free from the frame and you can safely take it away to create space for the new door.

2. Take Out The Frame

The next step is removing the frame from the wall if it needs to be replaced. Remove screws and nails that hold the frame and if there is trim in the interior then it should be removed too. Insert a drop cap in the opening above the door to the frame. Pull outward to displace the frame from the wall.

3. Apply Caulk

To ensure the new door is firmly fixed, the sealant is applied to the exposed area where the frame will sit on the wall. Caulk is applied on all sides of the wall where the frame will be fixed to ensure that it sticks properly.

4. Fit The New Door

Place the new door in the space left to see if it fits into position. Since the pre-hung doors come with handles fixed for opening, ensure you place it in the right direction so that it opens the same way as the old door.

Press the door frame onto the caulk such that it sticks tightly to it until it feels very secure. Check the level of the door bottom before fixing it permanently such that it leaves some space above the floor to facilitate the opening and closing of the door.

5. Secure The Door

Using nails and a hammer begin hammering nails into the hinges that hold the door to the frame. Additional fastening of the frame can be done to ensure that it is fixed tightly to the wall. Ensure that the gap between the door and the frame is even on the side of the hinges before you begin fastening that area.

You can drill the frame into the wall and fasten it using screws for additional security. Open and close the door to identify the areas that are still weak and then tighten them.

6. Do The Final Caulking

Spread some sealant between the exterior and the sliding of the door. Once that has dried up, you can now install the lock and handle if they were not in place. The door can then be painted and be ready for use.

It could be hard to know when to replace your door. However, some of the signs that tell you that your door needs replacement are;

  • The door producing noise when it is being opened or closed is a clear sign that it needs to be replaced.
  • Difficulty in opening and closing the door can be another indication that the door or window is broken and you need window replacement Markham.
  • Dampness on the parts of the door. This means that the door is absorbing moisture and could begin to rot.
  • Peeling, cracking and falling off some parts of the door in other words wear and tear shows it’s time for a new door.
  • The presence of termites and pests inside the frame is another sign as they damage wooden doors. Therefore you should opt for windows and doors Markham replacement.

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