Word Vs Pdf File Systems? Which One Is Better?

Word Vs Pdf File Systems?

Word Vs Pdf File Systems? Which One Is Better? Portable document formats (PDF) and word documents are the widely employed formats of documents used today. Either you are running an international business, or you are a student who intends to write his thesis, these formats are the chief ones to be used. These formats are multi-purpose, providing the ability to store data, make reference files, or for sharing of information either with the clients or with the business partners.

Word Vs Pdf File Systems?

When creating and editing a document you come across two options of either PDF or Docs. Choosing between the two is tough as both have quite similar features. However, using one format and recognition of its distinguishing features is imperative. In this article, we are going to discuss both these formats in contrast with each other. Letting you know about their essence and their relevance with your work needs.



Difference Between Microsoft Word And PDF

  • Origin and development-The PDF format, standardized as ISO 32000 and based on postscript language, was developed by Adobe in 1993. While, the word was developed by Microsoft in 1983, previously named as Multi-tool word. Showing that PDF is a newer format than word documents.


  • Main objective–PDf format was created for the description of a fixed-layout flat document, encapsulating in it the text, fonts, raster images, and vector graphs. It can be read by Adobe Reader. Whereas word was created to send text documents via email services. This is also because every user was able to read word documents with a word viewer or word processor that imports the Word format.


  • Distinct Features- PDF files specifications include encryption options, official features like digital signature, file attachments, and metadata. Making it more a tool for official use and advantages for international partnerships and remote employee management. On the other hand word document is well known for its high display resolution, laser printers, cut and paste function, and unlimited options to undo operations.


  • Security and encryption– PDF file format does not allow frequent editing facilities to its users. Although these can be edited with Adobe acrobat but with many limitations. For instance, if the original owner used a format not available in all computers in their PDF file. You will not be able to edit it. Therefore, preventing it from data alterations and confusion. Whereas, word documents do allow its users to easily edit their files while they are using Microsoft Word on their computers. Making it easy to edit and change the font style. Sizes and ad comments.


Indeed, one can say that both file format systems work well for serving the purposes at the official level. PDF files work best for documents demanding high security and selected accessibility while word files work best for documents created for public information and easy access. However, there are several websites for free conversion of these documents. A Word to PDF – Convert your DOC to PDF for a Free Online website.

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