XXXTentacion: a highly unusual existence of trauma, where he is both a victim and perpetrator

XXXTentacion: a highly unusual existence of trauma, where he is both a victim and perpetrator. At the time, Miami rapper Miami Doll gained notoriety for the violence in his music and earned an audience that didn’t seem to mind his criminal behavior. XXXTentacion’s existence was one of rapidly accelerating, nihilistic violence that never paused. Over the past year, he had a number one Billboard album, was banned from Spotify, and was sacked by his record label.


His ex-girlfriend went into great detail in court records and public interviews about the worst of his abuse. His violent crimes will be remembered largely for the cruelty with which he victimized vulnerable people, especially his ex-girlfriend. His music, a blend of hip-hop and emo, which was often overwhelming and full of despair, told the story of a life marked by disdain for humanity on both an individual and societal level. He was shot and died on Monday afternoon during an armed robbery in Miami. He was twenty years old.

He possessed many of the trappings of early 1990s gangsta rappers, such as drugs, violence, and frequently getting arrested. XXXTentacion, also known as Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, was an exceptionally soft individual.

In this review, Kanye West talks candidly about his own personal turmoil. Living in his own tragic childhood while ruthlessly abusing others is what made him feel inadequate and unsure of himself. He’s not targeting gang rivals. His victims are women and complete strangers. This explains why his music doesn’t typically focus on bravery or money, and instead describes his songs’ subjects such as mental illness, suicide, extreme sexism, and a prevalent sense of numbness.


While he was still a baby, Onfroy was born in Florida in 1998. He lived in several different homes while growing up since his mother was unable to financially support him and, at times, was unwilling to do so. He has frequently maintained that the connection he had with her was strong. He remarked how she showers him with presents and attention in the photograph. A sadness that took over him when she was absent defined his life.

Due to his chronic bouts of violence, Onfroy was dismissed from school in the ninth grade. He was 17 years old when he was charged with a variety of offenses related to guns, robberies, and resisting arrest, as well as Xanax possession. During his first stay in juvenile incarceration, he brutally beat a cellmate because he suspected the other man was gay. While recounting what had happened to him, his mother inquired what had happened. When he responded, he told his mother, “This dude did some queer shit, so I had to crack his head open.”

When he got out of juvenile detention, he made music and did it primarily on the fringes of the mainstream. After the popularity of Look At Me! in 2015, Onfroy’s profile increased, especially on social media.

Soundcloud rappers like XXXTentacion were part of a new wave of artists who were widely referred to as “SoundCloud rap” since their music celebrated digital culture and promoted extensive Xanax use. Xanax is a medication prescribed to relieve anxiety and depression, and it has a sedative effect, alleviating discomfort and disconnecting patients from reality. Lil Peep, another important Soundcloud rapper, died in November 2017 of a Xanax overdose.

His career began to take off at the same time that he was dating a woman who he then viciously mistreated. His charges against her included stomping on her head, head-holding, strangulation, kicking, and punching. He also frequently threatened to kill himself, coming dangerously close to taking his own life in front of her. After she got pregnant, the woman endured additional physical abuse from Onfroy, who momentarily kidnapped her. As well as further charges, Onfroy was detained and held under house arrest before being sentenced to prison.

He became more famous behind bars. Many people thought A$AP Rocky was hyping up his anticipated release when he said that he couldn’t wait. Some people even said that Drake had ripped from one of his verses. While awaiting trial, Onfroy began recording again. In the two years after they teamed up, Skrillex and Diplo released two LPs that each “?” to number one. A touching record in large sections performed on acoustic guitar by a man who’s at the end of his rope. His work was praised by some of the industry’s most accomplished artists, including Kendrick Lamar. After his death, Kayne West tweeted that he had been inspired by his friend, saying, “I have never told you how much you’ve influenced me. Thank you for existing.”


People have compared Onfroy’s work to the #MeToo movement, and people debate whether artists and their works can ever be separated. What is more, according to what is true, his offenses are so brutal, his attitude toward women so lacking in sense, that his crimes constitute their own category. Because Onfroy was a star, people didn’t know about his aggression against women before he was in prison.

He was accused of intimidating his ex-girlfriend and of pushing her to withdraw the allegations. In the end, though, he took several steps to repair his public image, including publicly announcing that he would donate $100,000 to a domestic abuse shelter. But it’s not confirmed whether he actually did. However, despite being accused of heinous crimes, he never appeared to realize how serious his situation was, and would switch back and forth between sounding threatening and telling his side of the story. Shortly after Dylann Roof, who opened fire on a predominantly black church congregation in Charleston, South Carolina, in June 2015, Onfroy tweeted in favor of the shooter, referring to him as LIL DYLAN ROOF and showing him wearing a heart emoji. He deleted the tweet afterward.

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