Your Complete Cryptocurrency Map

Cryptocurrency Map

Cryptocurrency has taken over the world. Well, sort of. The growing use of cryptocurrencies around the globe, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other altcoins, is changing the face of the financial industry at a rapid rate. Decentralized finance is becoming more and more important, and more user-friendly than ever before. It’s allowing users to send money across the globe for a fraction of what it used to cost. And it’s allowing individuals to protect their money from rapid inflation.

Cryptocurrency Map

Looking for a cryptocurrency map, to see where people are investing in cryptocurrency, how fast it’s growing around the world, and why crypto is so popular these days?

There are many different cryptocurrency maps available for research purposes. Keep reading to discover some of the most useful information about crypto adoption and usage thanks to the cryptocurrency maps listed below.

Cryptocurrency Map of Global Adoption

Some countries are seeing adoption and growth rates of cryptocurrencies much faster than others. This cryptocurrency map shows which countries are embracing crypto at rapid rates.

Many emerging economies, including some of those in Asia, Africa, and South America, are leading the charge to embrace crypto on a mass scale. Vietnam is by and far the leader when it comes to current crypto adoption.

India and Pakistan aren’t far behind. Venezuela is near the top as well, since their current financial crisis has lead to a complete lack of faith in the local currency.

Afghanistan also makes the list of top 20, since its current turmoil has made it very difficult for traditional funds to move into and out of the country. But with cryptocurrency, all one needs is internet access to buy, sell, and transfer crypto all over the globe.

Nigeria is also high on the list. But rather than peer-to-peer transactions, most of the crypto usage in the country is business-related, primarily dealing with imports and exports with other nations.

China has always been a crypto hotspot, with much of the original Bitcoin mining taking place in the country. But China has banned the use of cryptocurrency multiple times.

Since this is very hard to enforce, it’s taking a long time for the government to actually implement a crackdown. But its latest ban is causing China to move lower down the list of crypto use and adoption.


Crypto Heatmaps

What are heatmaps? They are just visual representations of how much something is used compared to others.

In the case of a crypto map, these heatmaps show which cryptocurrencies are used most for different things.

Today, cryptocurrencies are widely used for two main purposes: to store value and to utilize smart contracts. More and more use cases are being developed all the time, but these are the two main ways investors are utilizing crypto.

The crypto heatmap on Coin Market Cap shows the dominance of the main cryptocurrencies as a store of value. As you might expect, Bitcoin leads the charge, with over 40% of overall crypto dominance.

Other coins used to store value, in much smaller percentages, include coins like LUNA and Bitcoin Cash.

On the smart contracts side, Ethereum is by and far the leader in usage. But with rising gas costs to make transactions on the Etheruem network, more and more smart contract blockchains and tokens are growing all the time.

Many people think that Cardano (ADA) will overtake Ethereum as the go-to smart contract network, especially with the latest updates on the network.

Other heatmaps can be viewed to compare the use of centralized crypto exchanges, decentralized financial platforms and applications, and the use and exchange of NFTs, which is growing at a rapid rate as well.


Buy and Sell Bitcoin; Bitcoin ATM Map

Looking to get in on the action for yourself? One of the best ways to start investing in cryptocurrency is by finding a Bitcoin ATM near you.

Using a Bitcoin ATM simplifies the process of buying Bitcoin and sending it to your own, private wallet address. And if you ever need to cash out, you can sell your Bitcoin on an ATM and withdraw cash as well.

Bitcoin ATMs are popping up all over the globe, with tons scattered across the US. Crypto maps are available to show you where to find these ATMs near you.

Those in the US can check out the Byte Federal Bitcoin map, which shows over 900 Bitcoin ATM locations. Most states have Bitcoin ATMs.

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