Your Guide on How to Prepare for an Office Move

office move

Is there anyone who enjoys moving offices? That is a pretty lame question! Shifting the entire Office is not a cakewalk. It takes an incredible amount of time and effort to migrate from one location to another. The work itself contains a bounty of difficulties, including tedious tasks, lifting and shifting, upsetting, and more. 

Similarly, if we speak about unloading and unpacking, these are also the most monotonous activities demanding dedicated long hours. However, you can always save your time and energy by employing proficient Packers and Movers. Removalists can Degrade your stress and make your moving easier.

So, whenever you are planning to move your office the ideal way to minimize the stress and pressure of your office moving is to choose from the premium and reliable removalists of Perth. At the same time, Shifting Office does not merely imply getting and hiring a removalist company the day before you move and expecting everything will go smoothly. Most likely, it won’t! 

Office move planning must be initiated as early as possible; typically, you should begin planning the logistics and finding a trustworthy moving company six months before the moving date.

Deep dive into our step-by-step guidelines for organizing an amazing and fuss-free move.

6 months before the move

Here is what you need to think about six months before an office move:

Examine the current lease

You must review the lease for your Office to rescue your office deposit. Also, check the repairs, such as broken lights or chipped paint, that are required to be done before passing the keys to the new owner.

Construct a decommissioning plan

Decommissioning plan does not simply include the cleaning of your old Office. Instead, it is more like reforming the Office to its original condition, including electrical installations, removing cables, furniture, signs, logo, etc. Also, do not forget to repair damaged property, such as burnt-out lightbulbs.

Fix a budget

Fixing a budget is the most crucial step that requires planning beforehand. Confine your non-negotiables and consider where you can ascend back to save some money. Most significantly, make a budget for appointing reliable office removalists in Perth.

Start exploring office removalists in Perth.

Whether moving locally or outside the city, choosing a dedicated and professional moving company is particularly essential. You must go through the referrals, read the reviews and study the moving company’s credentials and history. Office removals in Perth are adaptable according to your preferred dates and times, so you can pick the day when your business operation would not be interrupted. Once you have some adequate movers service in your area, do not forget to get a free quote from them.

3-4 months before the move

Here is what you ought to accomplish 3 to 4 months before an office move.

Lock in your Office moving date and announce the date

After selecting the office relocation in Perth, your next adequate step should be making a reservation and locking in your moving date. Subsequently, let your workforce know about the moving date and communicate your anticipations of work priorities that need to be done before the move.

Congeal your moving plan

Assign the tasks according to the moving date. Prepare for the tasks such as when the cables are required to get disconnected and when the office desks need to be cleared. Also, figure out the accurate date to get an internet connection at the new Office.

1 month before the move

Here’s what you ought to do one months before your office move.

Design a floor plan

Pick the office equipment and furniture and decide their arrangement, such as the common areas and where the workforce will be sitting. Get an idea of the power connections and other sockets, so you will be aware of appropriately setting up the technical pieces of equipment.

Place an address change

It would be best to start updating the documents with your new address. Several business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and return labels are required to get updated according to the new address. It is much better to update your important business documents before the move to save yourself from unnecessary troubles.

1 week before your move

Here is what you ought to accomplish one week before your office move.

Discuss your moving day schedule with the removal team

Consult the moving plan with the removal team before 1 week to save from unwanted move chaos. Discuss the things that need to go first and last. Also, assign the duty of supervising the moving team to a person.

Do not overlook IT

One of the complicated tasks when moving Office is disconnecting and connecting all the technical pieces of equipment. It is the most essential and crucial task of Office moving that demands performed in a timely manner. If you want to get rid of some pieces of equipment, then set up a donation plan for them.

The day before moving

Conclude packing and labeling

Removalists in Perth ensure that everything is safely packed before the moving day and is ready to be relocated the next day.

Manage employee access cards and keys

Make Sure to collect the company keys, access cards, and parking passes to return to the next property manager.

On moving day

Here is what ought to be done on office moving day

  • Be ready at the old Office to meet the movers and instruct accordingly.
  • After the move, do a final check of your vacated Office.

Ready to schedule your office move?

Moving offices usually brings a lot of stress for owners. At the same time, adequate and efficient planning and preparation can assist in constructing this moving task trouble-free. Plan ahead as much as possible and find steadfast office removals in Perth. And always remember to hire an insured and licensed moving company.

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